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Hello! I love collecting figures/merch;; and of
Course this hobby kills my non-existent wallet. ;w;

My favorite series is Kuroko No Basket,
And while most people choose one character to fawn over,
I ended up loving all the Main characters equally.
( Akashi Seijuro ✨ Kuroko Tetsuya✨ Aomine Daiki✨ kise Ryouta✨ Midorima Shintaro✨ Murasakibara Atsushi✨ Hanamiya Makoto✨ Imayoshi Shouichi✨ Hayama Koutaro✨Kasamatsu Yukio✨ Kiyoshi Teppei✨Mibuchi Reo

Characters from other anime that I love are:

Viktor Nikiforov, Katsuki Yuri, Jean-Jaques Leroy, Seung Gil Lee, Christoph Giacometti ((Yuri!!! On Ice))

Ichimatsu Matsuno ((I love all the brothers though!))

Hajime Tenga, Hisomu Yoshiharu, Nico Niyama ((Kiznaiver))

Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis, Charles Grey, Joker, Snake, Doll, Undertaker, Lau ((Kuroshitsuji))

Thoth, Loki, Hades, Takeru ((Kamigami No Asobi))

Sakamoto ((Sakamoto Desu Ga))

Mikazuki Munechika, Kogitsunemaru ((Touken Ranbu))

Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Todoroki Shouto ((Boku No Hero Academia))

Satoru Fujinuma, Yashiro Gaku ((Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi))

Aoba Serageki, Clear, Noiz, Trip, Virus, Koujaku, Ren ((Dramatical Murder))

Nishinoya Yuu ((Haikyuu!!))

Koro-Sensei, Karma Akabane, Nagisa Shiota ((Assassination Classroom))

Levi, Jean ((Shingeki No Kyojin))

Akemi Homura, Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Sakura Kyoko, Mami Tomoe ((Yes, I love them all! But Homura is my favorite ;w;✨))

Tamaki Suoh, Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin ((Ouran High School Host Club))

Of course I love alot more characters, but that's just a few to name ;w;

Instagram: Himouto.Umaru.Chan


Precious Viktor to brighten up your day~(´♡`)
Kuroko No Basket, Yuri!!! On Ice, Assassination Classroom, Kuroshitsuji, No Game No Life, Fruits Basket, Ouran HighSchool Host Club, Madoka Magica, Death Parade
Blood Bank, What Lies At The End, Never Understand, Raising A Bat, & Other Manga/Manwha
Super Mario Franchise, Animal Crossing
Anime/Game Ost; Classical/Orchestrated Music


Chelsea_akashi (1 year ago) #21334738AHHH Happy Birthday Chelsea! I am a bit late but I hope your day was wonderful! ;v; May you live many more healthy and happy years filled with love and joy! And also amazing figures and YOI ;0; Hope your doing well and hope we will get a chance to chat soon!
Thank you so much <3333
It's actually today but mfc seems to be a day ahead lol
You're so sweet aaaa ;-;
I hope you're doing well too!!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
And definitely we can chat anytime^^
I'm sorry if before I replied slowly or forgot, school and work had me really busy orz but I'm free more since my semester finished ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
1 year ago
Chelsea_akashi (1 year ago) #19490729No problem at all ;w; And ahh don't worry about it! And yes, I do! I as well am way more active on instagram haha;; What's your account? I'll add you! ;v;

Glad you understand ;v; And awesome! I'm @kurofur on Instagram, feel free to add me >u<
(I post a lot of crap I hope you don't mind haha;;")
1 year ago
Chelsea_akashi (1 year ago) #19429277Ahhh happy birthday! I'm a bit late, I apologize! But I truly wish you nothing but the best in life! May you live many more years of happiness and good health ;v;

Oww thank you so much! That's so nice of you~~ ;u; And I am SO sorry for replying so late sometimes I'm just working and I don't have much spare time at home. Do you have Instagram or LINE? I'm more active there c:
1 year ago
MelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
Chelsea_akashi (1 year ago) #18492050
Oh MY goD I took forever to reply to this;; Please excuse my stupidity lol ;w; Never got a chance to really sit down and reply to things due to school,, but here I am lol ;w;
Anyways;; How have you been? I hope all is well! So what were your thoughts on Wonfes now that it has passed? Tbh I thought it was pretty amazing except for the lack in YOI... Was expecting more tbh lol ;w; But I am happy about the Viktor scale figures, Plus the one Yuuri scale figure by Toysworks! And now that its been shown, CAN WE JUST TAKE A MOMENT TO APPRECIATE VIKTORS BEAUTIFUL NENDOROID!!
It is too adorable and surpassed my expectations! I love the faceplates and the little Makkachin ;w;
Plus the gold medal and bouquet are perfect~
So sad he's coming out quite late in the year.. But I'm sure August will be here before we know it! *-*
Still lowkey hoping for YOI Nendo petites of all the characters hehe~

Ahahah no worries~ I have been here more often because erm... procrastination LOL but I understand it well... honestly answering your question, I don't really know ^^; these days have been crazy and veryy stressful and I was kinda upset I couldn't even enjoy the happy things that have been happening. Wonfes was kinda disappointing, not many interesting announcements, just a bunch of nendoroids lol (which I don't mind) and as you said lack of new YOI stuff, when I was expecting loads of it...
I hope the ones by Toyworks are nice hahah and I hope better known companies announce something in the future... xP
Victor's nendo is just perfect! I was so happy with his heart mouth faceplate <3 and that he comes with Makkachin <3 that was a must!!
1 year ago
Chelsea_akashi (1 year ago) #18375273Ahhh I am glad to hear your doing well! Hope you'll be able to get over being sick soon! ;v; I myself have been doing great, thank you for asking! I actually just got over a 3 week cold;; Seems like everyone has been getting sick these days ;o;
Ahh I agree! There were some figures that really amazed me this Wonfes! AHH OMG-! You like POTC?!?! It's my second favorite movie series of all time! (The first being Lord Of The Rings!)) I adore the first three movies and am really looking forward to the fifth! The movies are fantastic and incredible! The soundtrack by Hans Zimmerman is pure gold, and the story, plot, and characters are all outstanding. I almost cried tears of joy when I saw the announcement for Captain Jack Sparrow ;o; I'm hoping he comes with Rum, His compass, A jar of Dirt, His gun and sword;; So many possibilities. So excited!
I also love the Megahouse figure of Viktor;; The movement of the hands is stunning and I LOVE the face expression <3 I certainly look forward to seeing it painted! And same here, I absolutely adore Viktor, but I was kinda disappointed in the lack of Yuuri;; I still have hope though! Maybe next Wonfes we'll get a Yuuri and Viktor scale wearing their Stammi Vicino outfits-! Viktor's nendoroid turned out adorable, but it looks like he'll be released a bit later than Yuuri ;o;
Also, OMg. That illustration of Aoba is gorgeous. I truly look forward to the figure! I have always wanted a scale from DMMD but this one;; Its THE one;; Must have it!!
That's really all I liked from Wonfes;; Not much, but I am so happy with what we got! Thankfully it's not too much as my wallet will get a break till summer wonfes lol.
///such a long reply, I practically wrote an essay... I got carried away, My bad-! -w-

Ah Thank you! I hope so too ;w; Glad to hear you're doing well and you're not sick anymore! I know right? Everyone is sick lately, for me it's the third time this winter! I'm so sensitive to cold weather;;"
YEAHH!~ POTC is one of my favorite movie series of all time!! (The first is Harry Potter for me, it's also pretty accourate to the books!) And I also love TLOTR! I didn't read the books tho, but I really liked the movies alongside The Hobbit!) I'm so happy to find someone who likes POTC as much as I do! I absolutely agree with everything you said! The soundtrack is one of the best I've ever heard and the story, the characters are all incredible. Johnny Depp is also doing an amazing job playing Captain Jack Sparrow! This is a figure I'm not going to pass, it's a must-have for me <3 Oh my god yeah he must come with all the aaccessories you mentioned, especially the jar of dirt, rum and a sword! Can't wait;o;

I didn't expect MegaHouse Victor to have these clothes, but I love them. They're very simple and minimalist and somehow it fits the pose perfectly. His face is so beautiful <3 I'm surprised though, Yuuri is the main character I thought we'll see a scale by now. Oh yEAH I still hope for Victor and Yuuri scales together wearing the Stay Close To Me outfits! Can't wait to see the faceplates of Victor's nendo, looking forward to see the heart mouth and the accessories!

i kNOW RIGHT? I almost screamed when I saw it, there is NO way I'm skipping this one. I absolutely need it. It's like like how I felt when Max Factory's Ren came out. I ended up paying $220 for him. But it was WORTH IT. It's my favorite figure in my collection ;u; Just when I thought my wallet can rest since I decided I'm done with scaled figures. I had to cancel 2 monthly orders from AmiAmi with tons of Yuri on Ice stuff..I'm still crying over it;; (Although I really miss scaled figures.. but I just don't have the money for them anymore OTL..)

Nah It's okay! I send long replies too so I'm sorry myself haha ^o^"
1 year ago
Chelsea_akashi (1 year ago) #18373628Hey! Thought it'd be nice to chat? ;w; Hope your doing well! How have you been? ;w; So what were your thoughts on Winter WonFes? *o*

Helloo! (*´∇`*) Sure, I'd love to chat! That's so nice of you I'm doing pretty good now thank you! (Although I've been sick lately but getting better) How about yourself? Hope you're doing good ;v;

To be honest, this wonfes was awesome and unexpected! Especially with those Disney nendoroids, that's very refreshing! I just can't believe they're making Jack Sparrow nendoroid! I'm a huge fan of pirates of the caribbean, can't wait to watch the new movie >u< And of course, Yurio nendoroid announcement! I'm so happy they're making him >w< Not to mention that majestic prototype of Victor, he turned out great. Seems like Victor is getting more and more figures and I ain't complaining c; Although I wish for Yuuri scale too, Victor needs his fiancé~
These ones also caught my attention: ITEM #549359, ITEM #549348,

Sorry for the long comment I could literally talk for hours about this wonfes, so many things that I liked ;u;"
What did you think about this wonfes? (´ ♡ ` )
1 year ago
Chelsea_akashi (1 year ago) #18031968Since it's your birthday, I thought I'd say it here too! <3 Happy Birthday Nani! Best of wishes from me, Ace, Daiki, and Viktor! (´♡`)

Thank you so much my dear Chelsea (灬♥ω♥灬) Thanks to you and to Daiki and Viktor! <333333 *hugs you tightly*
1 year ago
MelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
Chelsea_akashi (1 year ago) #18038630Lmao I love social media too, mainly just insta though! I have like??? Four accounts? I'm crazy haha- and lol I imagine it'd be extremely awkward if your family saw photos of that Aoba ;w; Hopefully you get a chance! *0* That figure is amazing <3
AND YES!! I am seriously so envious! Honestly if they don't put them up for standard release, they would be wasting such a good opportunity;; So much profit could be made!
Also IKR! Yuuri's nendo turned out adorable <3 Can't wait for him to release! Let us pray for the storm known as Wonfes *prays*
They may show so many gorgeous new figures and it's killing me! I can't wait! (´♡`) (But I'm also scared asf that they'll be TOO much amazing stuff lol))I really want a JJ, Seung Gil, And christophe nendo! And I want to see Viktor's nendo + scale figure! I'm hoping they'll be a figure of Yuuri and Viktor together in their matching outfits ;v; Honestly, anything YOI will make me happy (´♡`) Anything you want to see in particular?

Hhhahah wow four accounts XD As I've told you before I have three so... erm.. hahaha (^v^;)
That's true.... OTL Even though I want to post so bad HAHAHA eventually my parents will see him, but the others will have a bunch of exclamation and question marks above their heads LMAO
Btw! I've just posted some pictures of him here though~ They came out nice imo but not as much as I wanted them to LOL I still need to improve so much ;w; but please check them out when you have time! <3 profile/MelKeig... I hope you enjoy them XD hahaah

RIGHT a lot of people tried to order them but failed.... It was a very chaotic 1 minute if my life HAHAAH standard would be awesome, it'd make so many fans happy hahaha
Oh I don't know what I'm praying for anymore... my wallet is scared HAHAHHA omg.......
I do want to see a lot of yoi stuff (and I think we will) but I hope the releases aren't all at the same time at least HAHAHH
I'd love to see their duet costumes in figures too *--* so magical <3 wahh Eros and Stay Close too of course!!! I'm not creating any expectations, I want to be surprised! HAHA
1 year ago
MelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
Chelsea_akashi (1 year ago) #18009616Ahhh unfortunately no, I don't use facebook ;w; And no problem! I hope you'll get to update your insta with more awesome pics soon~ LOL ikr? Too many anime to watch and not enough time ;0; AND WHAT?!?!/// Triggered///// You are so lucky omg! I really want viktor and Yuuri! The plushes are super cute but I shall wait for the standard release ;w; Hopefully I'll have enough money to get them both by then *sweat drops* Also what do you think of Yuuri's nendo? I just pre-ordered and ahh he is the cutest! Some accessories look a bit akward due to him wearing his EROS outfit, so I'm hoping for a casual version ( But I will most likely just use another nendo's body haha) ;w; And I'm excited for Viktors Nendo! I really want a heart mouth faceplate and holding hand parts for him and yuuri!// Also kinda scared for winter wonfes because I just know they'll be alot of YOI figures ;o; My wallet can only handle so much LOL// End of story

Aww it's ok hahah I love using social media... twitter, facebook, instagram LOL...
Thanks! I just need now to find the timing to upload some of my Aoba pics hahah.... my relatives follow me there (whyyy???) and it'd be so awkward HAHAHH
Yeah I have so many animes on hold that I started but couldn't finish omg....
YES RIGHT I WAS SHAKING SO HARD, I BARELY SLEPT THAT NIGHT HAHAHA Feb 8th they'll be available again at Gift website, but it'll probably be crazy again.... I hope they really do get a standard release, my friends who know Japanese read the tweets about it and told me it wasn't decided 100%... but it's such a famous anime, why would they waste this opportunity to sell??
AW YUURI'S NENDO is so sooo cute! I love that he comes with both hairstyles and those faceplates to match them hahah his accessories are cute too! If sales and hype continue like this, they'll release other versions.... (I hope so HAHAH and Victor with his coats... and suit... HMMMM) I CAN'T WAIT NOW HAHAHA HEART MOUTH IS THE BEST?? we all need it ;w;
Omg don't mention wonfes....... I'm so scared too... let's hang in there... ha..ahah....
1 year ago
MelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
Chelsea_akashi (1 year ago) #17865475I totally agree haha! Tumblr always fulfills my need for fanart and fan made comics ;w; Ahhh Ikr?!?! I truly adore the soundtrack, it's a gem! ;o; And no problem! Your insta is awesome hehe, so many wonderful photos! Especially the one of your husbando! And lmao xD Tbh I love umaru-chan but by far I'm not obsessed with her like I am with my favorite anime! I remember making the account after the first episode aired, but I never thought I would gain so many followers haha xD Have you seen the series? /////end of semi(?) long reply/////

Sorry for the late reply~~
Hahaa yeah I'm glad I'm part of some nice groups on FB too hahaha (do you have one btw?)
Thanks or the compliment (*-*) ahhh but it's not updated at all... I need to upload pictures of my Eroba HAAHHA but I need time to do a proper photoshooting haha xD I do agree my husbando looks awesome there LMAO with that figure it's hard not to HAHHA
WOW really?? One would expect otherwise hahah I haven't watched it... I've tried to watch and finish so many animes but lately it's been hard OTL
anyway yesterday was crazy...... the Gift plushies! I'm so glad I managed to get Victor and Yuuri, it's a miracle! <3
1 year ago
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