Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!
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Hi! I am interested to buy your last Yamato, is that still available? Feel free to send me a message if it is still available. Thanks!
2 years ago
Cheribot3 years ago#15533001You have a beautiful collection! All that in 2 years is very impressive~ ^^
Thank you so much! We just moved two weeks ago and packing them up was sooo tedious. Thankfully unpacking is much quicker!
3 years ago
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
Cheribot3 years ago#15520316Thanks~~ I <3 your videos on YT so I had to add you on here! You have a wonderful collection yourself! You reviewed or showed quite a few that you've convinced me to buy. I have Momohime by Alter, and I wasn't sold on the one from Hobby Japan then I saw it in your video and I was like, 'well, there goes my self-control'. I knew about the hair issue, so I got one pre-owned that I could get inspected for it. Well, I guess it's your fault that I'm going to be losing money in the following months... :-S Maybe, I should stop watching your videos... :XAaah thank you so much :') That's so nice of you!

I'm sorry I've helped empty your wallet but I can't help myself :P I need other people to enjoy the pretties with me! Though at least, you know they're going to be good figures ;)

jessicrotte3 years ago#15497874I actually had to dig in my collection XD and no I dont surprisingly I have a few from korean brands but not from etude house.I am really curious now, should I try some?Etude has good polish! I got a few from them and they're so cute ;w;
3 years ago
I actually had to dig in my collection XD and no I dont surprisingly I have a few from korean brands but not from etude house.I am really curious now, should I try some? Cheribot4 years ago#15486829:3 I see you like glittery polish. lol Do you own any from Etude House? 3.3
3 years ago
awww thank you :3 you are so sweet! Have an awesoem day!Cheribot4 years ago#15486760Hey Jessica! Finally dropping by to express my love for Go Figure. I absolutely enjoy your videos on YT~ You guys are hilarious & awesome! <3
3 years ago
Thanks for the FR! just read what you sent to Mia and you are super sweet and also nice collection!
4 years ago
Cheribot4 years ago#15486681I love you and Jessica's videos! I could be in the worst mood and you two always make me laugh. You have a great taste in figures too! Lots of love! Can't wait for more videos! <3

Aw thank you! <3 Always happy to make people laugh and smile! Thanks for such a sweet message!!
4 years ago
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
Thanks for the FR :) You have a very pretty collection! :D
4 years ago
Cheribot4 years ago#7509096Hello Tia~
How are you? I hope life has been treating you well.
I must apologize for my long absence from MFC. School and work are kicking my butt; then, to make matters worst, my computer crashed after an update from Microsoft. I have been using the school computer and the ones at work, which blocks everything it possibly can! It said that MFC.net was filtered for nudity and porn. I laughed at that one. Anyway, I am now using my sister's computer because it is a hassle to keep going to school to do assignments. She let me use it until I get my own, for the meantime. Thanks for showing me your cute cat! I adore animals, so I definitely do not mind pictures of your cats at all. I actually want to see the others. She is so cute! Reminds me of my little girl, Skyler who is also a rescue. She sweet, plump, and fluffy, like a furry, grey marshmallow. I would show you my babies, but I haven't a blazing clue how to do that... Maybe you can tell me how. That statue is very elegant! Reminds me of the one of Keigo Atobe made by Altair (the one I'm telling myself I don't need...) :< You can make me pay and take forever to respond; I'll wait! Promise I'll be more regular as I learn to balance my crazy life. Time flies so fast... :P

No need to apologize at all for not responding very quickly. This is the internet and an internet friendship is always there. See it took me like 8 days to get back to you and I have no better excuse other then to say that I was blogging writing to different people and just had not reached your message yet. I would in no way not respond to you in a timely fashion as you mention. I am not that petty LOL Hope that you have been well and that your PC will soon be fixed. One thing I would stress is to always make sure that the updated that are required by Microsoft are the ones you do not personally need to activate.

If you get an e-mail or something saying that you need an update then put that puppy in the junk box. its spam and could potentially crash your PC. As it may already have happened.

Hope that you have had time to enjoy yourself between work and school. You know what they say all work and no play makes Cheribot have a dull day. Glad that you caught up with me and I hope that we can continue to send comments like this when we can.

= )

4 years ago
Cheribot4 years ago#6494683Hello Tia!
Thank you for your response on my page. Sorry for such a late reply. I have been busy with work and college. You asked me what my likes and dislikes are. I wasn't sure if you were referring to figures or in general, so I'll tell you both, lol. When it comes to figures, I tend to prefer quality over price. I will pay quite a bit for something that I really enjoy. Some of my favorite companies are GSC, Alter, Max Factory, Orchid Seed, Gift, Embrace Japan, Kotobukiya, Megahouse and Stronger. Some of my favorite characters to collect are Miku, Saber, Shinobu Oshino, Asuna, Super Sonico, Misty and Madoka. I do have a thing for cute girls, hehe… What I dislike in figures—inferior craftsmanship, and bootlegs.
General Likes: drawing, photography, reading, watching movies (esp. horror and thrillers) , anime, or a handful of TV series, creative writing, music, nature, working out, collecting, and animals (I have three kittens.)
General dislikes: bad sushi, poor customer service, noisy/cramped places, wasted time, etc… (I have a lot of dislikes.)
I enjoyed several anime titles growing up, but in the recent years, I've been trying to explore a lot of new series. It's not easy! I don't have the time to commit to watching many them with the subtitles. ^_^
I believe the first figure I bought was Bunny Girl from BOME in 2010. I was collecting Little Pullip and Dal dolls before then. I knew NOTHING about figure collecting really. I got a few more cheap figures, like Rei in a party dress and Asuka in school attire made by Kotobukiya. Then, I graduated up to a $75 dollar Iron Man and $60+ Astro Boy that solidified the reality that I was willing to spend more than I thought. I had no idea that I’d ever get so deep into the clutches of this hobby. Since then, I have actually pretty much stopped collecting dolls and put my money and focus into figures. Most of my collection has been accumulated in the past two years, because now I have my own apartment. I have a lot of female statues because I prefer them to males ones. I typically won’t buy a male figure unless I actually really, really like the character.
You said that your favorite male figure has yet to be made. Who is that, if you don’t mind me asking?
I look forward to hearing back from you!

Oh my and I thought that I wrote a lot. You are my kind of collector someone who is not afraid to chat God I love it. There is so much in there I just cant seem to know where to start. So I re read the post 3 times and decided to go with this.

Hope you do not mind the pics if so I will not post them in future conversations. So you said you had 3 cats I would like to introduce you to my 3 cats. The newest arrival is Akeno. She is about 1 year old and is also my latest rescue.


I also have Ti loup a short hair and Kalina another long hair. All 3 cats are rescues.

Actually thought I had more pics of the cats on my hard drive.. Maybe for another post.

As for the figurine I would love to see get maid it is this young gentleman ITEM #197599


Not sure where he is from but I find the figurine very elegant. And that would be the start to the answers back to you. Pleasure chatting with you

= )

4 years ago
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!


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