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It's a happy happy happy birthday for you!

1 month ago
Danke! Ich habe jetzt einfach günstigen von Real genommen und auf gleiche Zusammensetzung geachtet.

Bin wirklich gespannt, weil bisher hat nichts geholfen. Aber wenn es bei deiner geklappt hat, warum sollte es bei ihr hier nicht funktionieren? :3
8 months ago
Okay, dann werde ich das wohl auch Mal probieren. Danke für deine Hilfe! :3

Was für Zitronensaft hast du denn verwendet?

Schnäppchen sind immer gut. x3
8 months ago
Hey, ich bin mal so frei und antworte dir hier. :3 Danke für deine Kommentare!

Das Problem bei meiner Nendo ist ja, dass das unbemaltes PVC ist. Ich weiß nicht, wie empfindlich das ist... und ob die Säure sich nicht über die Zeit durch das PVC frisst. Natron hat leider gar nichts gebracht.

Wie sieht das denn bei deiner aus, waren die weißen Klamotten lackiert oder auch reines PVC?
8 months ago
I'm actually weary of gift cards, because I have received gift cards in the past quite a lot of times for stores that heavily overprice their anime items. ^^'' That way there is a lot less value for your money rather than buying the same item from a hobby-specific store...

Yeah... :') I don't like cold and I moved to an even colder country LOL. But this winter is the warmest winter in a long time for Finland, it feels very similar to my winters in my home country although it's something 'weird' according to the locals here. What's the most interesting about the weather here is that about half of the year there is barely sunlight and then the other half of the year it barely gets dark. So the spring and summer are very colorful. :)
1 year ago
Oh, nice! Yeah I did similar stuff, haha. Or I would order stuff online and then give the package away to them so they can wrap it for me as a gift. xD

I'm doing OK, just super duper duper busy! We haven't talked much in a while, but long story short, I moved to a new country! And starting my new job next week. So it's a very stressful time, but good things are to come soon! :)
1 year ago
No problem, I hope you had a wonderful day! :) Got any nice gifts?
1 year ago
Sorry for being a bit late!


I hope you had a nice day! :)
1 year ago
No problem, I hope you had an amazing day with cake and nice gifts! :)
2 years ago
Sorry for being so late!

2 years ago