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I've been here for about a year now, but I usually prefer the lurker status to avoid some self-criticism. I suppose I owe you some dedication if you're reading this, I'll try to keep it short.

I'm a simple girl who has been caught by this sacrificing but satisfying hobby. I'm currently in Peru with my family, but I study in the US, so I may go back there eventually (which makes me worry about my figures, but oh well...).

Recently, I've developed an interesting fascination toward the Touhou girls. I love characters with charming and unique backstories, interesting designs and a balance between what's canon and what's up to interpretation, but I'm horrible with danmaku and fighting games so it discourages me to play more games. It's fun, though. I love all of the girls, it's a little hard to hate them IMO, but my favorite overall is Youmu. It was almost a crush at first sight, and she has become one of my favorite characters. She's kind of the reason why I'm currently broke, but she's worth it.

I usually buy figures of characters I know (the main reason why I stay away from Type-Moon and others). I also have some other favorite characters I love very dearly, but most of them barely have a keychain or nothing at all, otherwise I'd be collecting their figures with great dedication. Still, there's always hope, and figure makers could stop their fixation on girls, or even feminine characters only (I've waited too long for Persona to become popular, you know (...))

Well, this is pretty long already. If there's anything you might need, don't hesitate to ask. I might be awkward, but I'm friendly, or at least I try.

Thanks for stopping by!


WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Cho3 years ago#15852437Hello, sorry for the late reply. Hm, it depends what you mean by "light". There are some with a happy theme to them (like the 4 R4 tachis happily walking together, which does look kinda off) but they are a minority and most are kinda serious or simply captivating. I like this doujinshi because many drawings look like caught mid-movement and fluid, so if you can get it, I recommend it.
Thanks so much! I saw it for a good price on Taobao, so I'm hoping it's still there.
3 years ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Hey! Are the majority of the illustrations in ITEM #454183 "light" or "dark"? The samples I've seen have mostly been the latter, but on her pixiv there's a few light/happy looking ones that I don't really like lol.
3 years ago
Take Virile Insatiable Beast
Cho4 years ago#7508642Happy Birthday! Wish you the best!
Thank you so much :D
4 years ago
Take Virile Insatiable Beast
Happy Birthday :D
I hope everything is going alright for you ^.^ I can see your awesome doujin collection keeps getting even more awesome o/
5 years ago
Cho5 years ago#3097674Hola, estoy bien, ¿y tú cómo estás? Realmente no se puede evitar este vicio demasiado, así que por tu bien te recomiendo que no lo retomes mucho haha. Todavía no veo las películas, voy a tener que buscarlas pronto, lástima que salga sólo una al año. Seguro están geniales.

Bien, andaba desaparecido por trabajo. Tengo que actualizar todavia varias figuras que me llegaron. Las peliculas de persona 3 están geniales. Bastante pegadas al juego. Fue realmente un éxito eso de incluir en la versión original subs en ingles. Son mis primeros Bluray de anime originales. Ahora espero la tercera pelicula que ya se estreno y a ver cuando sale el bluray.
5 years ago
Hola, ¿que tal?, a los tiempos. Tu colección ha crecido bastante jeje. Yo estoy retomando este vicio. ¿Ya viste las peliculas de Persona 3?. Eso que Aniplex saque los bluray con subtítulos en ingles por default es buenísimo. Ojalá salga la tercera pronto.
5 years ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Cho5 years ago#2470341Thank you! Yours is incredible, I'm speechless!
I wish I had something better to say than thank you, but thank you lol! I'm really jealous of your ITEM #89209 btw. I used to see it for sale all the time when I started collecting doujinshi, but for some reason never bought it. Now I'm kicking myself because I can't find it anywhere ahhhh. You have cola's books ordered! I'm so glad; he's my favorite artist!
5 years ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Your doujinshi collection is amazing!
5 years ago
Happy birthday!!
6 years ago
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