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Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I'm a 24yo collector from Germany and have started collecting in 2009. My first figure was Nanoca Flanka which I found in a shop in Spain when I was on vacation. Since then I've been looking for figures of characters and shows I liked and my collection started to grow more and more.

Sadly my space is pretty limited right now so I'm selling some of my stuff every now and then. Please check my shop for sales if you're interested ♥

Aside from being a collector I'm also a hobby artist. I mainly draw fanart of franchises I'm into at the moment (which can vary a lot) or my own characters. You can find me on dA or tumblr if you wanna take a look.

Currently I'm trying to focus on WAiFUM@STER iDOLM@STER scales, Cinderella Girls in particular.
"You can't go wrong with iM@S" is my motto.
My favorite girl is Yusa Kozue ♥ Anastasia is my fav cool type girl and Syoko is my fav passion type.

I'm also playing iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage right now and am trying to get better.
I'd gladly accept friend requests ♥ My ID is 351165611. You can also find me on Cinderella Producers.

Thanks for putting up with me and have a nice day!

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06 days ago (6 days ago)PrettybarfPrettybarf
Thank youuuu ^^
Ps. I actually remember you from a few years back
08 days ago (8 days ago)SmeySmey
Cho-Lin (8 days ago) #25964140Don't worry, I don't mind at all! Nono's lack of confidence also reminds me of myself at times =w=
How come Nono made you like Rin? o: I'm really curious haha. I haven't looked more into Rin's personality after watching the anime because she didn't catch my interest and seemed kinda...bland I guess? I hope this doesn't offend you in any way! I'm not really a fan of the 3 "main" girls in general.
I asked people on the Deresute reddit when they think lim Nono is going to return. Estimations were April 2019 (yes, 2019!) and not next year ;_; But I expected the chances to be slim because anniversary Fumika and Shiki didn't return this year either (at least so far). I'm not sure why they estimated April but it's only a guess anyway.
I only did one 10 pull for lim Anzu because I was saving up for CinFes - needless to say I didn't get her lol. But it's okay, at least I have my best girl Kozue haha. Mizuki is a nice character and her idolized SSR is really cool imo :3 I really like that her unidolized matches CinFes Kaede's undiolized! I'd also like to get her at some point but others have priority.
Good luck with farming jewels in case lim Kirari returns at the end of September! At least you have lotsa free jewel resources now that you started over lol. Btw, I imagine starting over to be really rough o: At least you have good cards but leaving the unlocked content and other SSRs behind seems so difficult imo ;w; I don't think I would be able to do that.

It was thanks to Shiny Numbers' radio show, with Nono as the host and Rin as a guest.
It was released when Nono got a voice, last year I think. Rin helped Nono a lot ww, it was so cute.
[ext link ]

It's okay, no probs! Being honest I don't like NewGen girls that much too.
I kinda liked Rin at first only because she tends to tease Nao a lot, along with Karen www

About Limited Nono, I hope they'll release her again... I don't mind waiting two years, but I really want to get her ;A; I hope to get Limited Kirari as well, but it's complicated. Gatchas are so unpredictable after all.

It's difficult starting from zero again. I remember when I started playing Deresute for the first time...
It was a mess www, playing without SSR cards it's horrible www. I got Limited Miho several days later lol
Now I must say that thanks to my Limited Shin, it's getting more easier to get more jewels and PRP thanks to her center ability. So I'm doing okay heheh~
010 days ago (10 days ago)SmeySmey
Cho-Lin (10 days ago) #25872918I was trying to get lim Nono as well but no luck here either ;_; I've actually grown really fond of Nono after looking more into her character a couple weeks ago. She's so cute and precious and must be protected. At least I pulled her SR I guess so I could put her into my room lol
I did get a couple new SSRs during CinFes and the anniversary gacha but sadly hardy any idols I care about =w= I pulled Shizuku (I dislike her so much orz), Hinako, Mio, Hotaru, Hiromi (Concentration, why?!), Rika (pretty happy here) and CinFes Kaede. And I ticketed Syoko because I've aso grown really fond of her lately...I actually didn't realize I pulled this many lol. But you got a whole bunch of SSRs too! o:
Have you seen Kaede's perm SSR? I think she looks so beautiful, especially idolized <3 So glad that she isn't limited because I hardly have any jewels left. The past gacha weeks really were rough imo, so many things =w= I think I will try to save up a lot of jewels from now on in case there will ever be a limited SSR or CinFes SSR I really wanna get.

Nono's such a cutie, I really love her too ;A;
I've to admit that sometimes she reminds me of my own negative personality... (and yeah, friends of mine told me that too lol). But unlike me, she's so strong and is trying her best to be an idol. I really admire her ;A;

Aah, sorry for talking about that btw ww
Thanks to Nono, I started to like Shibuya Rin's character too for some reason.

Maybe her Lim!SSR'll appear again next year? I hope so...
Her Permanent card is also cute <3

I see. Gatchas are so... unpredictable. But, at least you got more Passion cards (especially Jougasaki Rika's) Congratz! ;A;
That also happened to my old account btw, I got idols that I didn't like very much orz. At least I'm quite satisfied with this new account. I have Anzu and Mizuki, which are some of my fav idols from the game ;A;

Yes! I saw the new SSR Kaede and she's so gorgeous...
I would like to have her in the future, more than her Cinfes or Limited version. Good thing she's permanent, so you have time to get her someday! C;
I should save jewels too, I think Limited Kirari will appear again on the last week of this month...
011 days agoSmeySmey
Cho-Lin (12 days ago) #25827976Happy Birthday! How are you?
I saw that you made a new account in Deresute and got lim Anzu, lim Shin and Cinfes Yui! O: Gongrats on those pulls, especially on Anzu :D Are you still gonna use your old account btw? o:

Aah, thank you very much! ;A;
And sorry for not replying to you on these days...
I'm kind of busy with studies, but everything is fine I think ww

Yeah~ About Shin card, actually I was trying to get Limited Nono instead lol
Didn't get her in the end but oh well. I'm not mad about it, since I like Shin too.
Hmm, maybe I'll use my old account again if I can get another device in the future :0

What about you? I saw your room in Deresute, and it seems you got lot of nice SSR cards uvu
That's awesome!
01 month ago (1 month ago)SmeySmey
Cho-Lin (1 month ago) #24030949Yep! I pulled Kaoru during CinFes. I don't know any signatures so when I saw that it was a passion signature I expected a CinFes card. Not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed when it turned out to be Kaoru but now I think she's really cute. Also I'm glad I pulled a loli (plz don't judge me) and not some big chested character like Shizuku =w= Speaking of SSR passion lolis, I really hope I can get Miria and Risa at some point ;w;
I wasted some jewels trying to pull Risa and instead got Ryo's SSR. I only have enough for 1 ten pull now, hope I can save up some more till the end of August (assuming Anzu's limited gets re-released).
Ah, I feel bad for bringing this up because I know you can't buy jewels but in August they will apparently release the scouting ticket again which will let you select a permanent SSR. Or at least that's rumoured. I think I will get Risa with it.
Yes, Anzu's price is as ridiculous as the rest. I'm also glad she doesn't have Fumika's price but it's still a whole lot of money. She does look beautiful and is detailed as well but still too expensive >_< I'm considering to get her as a birthday present for myself but I'm not really sure yet. Idolm@ster scales will definitely ruin my wallet.
Btw, I have to confess that Kozue took the number 1 spot from Anzu for best girl for me. Since I've gotten her SSR I fell in love with her more and more, she's just so adorable. I hope she will get a voice at some point. A scale is probably too much to ask for though ;w; Her SSR would make a wonderful scale imo.
EDIT: Oh, I just saw that you have Nina's SSR now! Congrats to you as well! Now finally both of us have passion SSRs haha

I didn't expect to see a SSR Risa, she's so cute~
Good thing she's a permanent one, I hope you'll get her soon ;A;
Hahahah, for some reason I also don't like big breasted girls... Shizuku is a nice character, but everytime she talks... *boingboing* www

Talking about lolis, yesterday I did a roll and finally got a SSR Passion! It was Nina, and I know she doesn't have nice stats but... I'm quite happy, since I like Nina too. We finally got a SSR Passion card! ww
I also got Chie, but I don't like her Concentration ability... orz. She's also cute though.

Aah, it's okay if you talk about buying jewels in the game. Don't worry~
Yeah, it's very possible to see those scouting tickets again! That's a good thing ;A;

In that case, if Kozue is your best girl now... I think you should wait for her merchandising? (Kozue is such a qt, I love her cards <3).
I know ALTER's Anzu's figure has a abysmal price, but I decided to buy her anyways because she's my number one in all the im@s series. I hope she'll be the last one that I'll buying from ALTER, I hate how they take adventage of all the im@s collectors.

Btw are you ready for this Wonder festival? Do you expect anything good about it?
I don't really know if I want to see more idols figures, because of this recent inflation ;A;

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