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hi mate, checking out your page was so satisfying, its so nice to have a large collection, keep collecting :))
10 months ago
Hi there, i really like your collection :D
11 months ago
Choppi (11 months ago) #23986530Oh man, the fact that you haven't finished Sun yet actually is a huge relief because I thought I was the only one who hadn't finished Sun/Moon LOL;; I got distracted with another game about a week after its release and never got back to playing it! Since I've spoiled myself on everything that happens in the game anyway I might as well wait for Ulta Sun/Moon at this point haha;;
YES SAME I haven't been excited for a new Sonic game in 10 years but I'm getting this one on day one! ;u; I can't even imagine how excited I would've been when I still made Sonic OC's... it would've been my ultimate dream game lol;; And the PS1 Spyro games are my favorite ever :'D I replay them every year! The first one was my first video game along with the original Rayman!
Oh my gosh, that is so awesome that you're making custom nendoroids!! Yours look absolutely incredible already, oh my goodness ;v;!!! I'm excited to see them when they're done! :D I've needed to rejoin Tumblr for the longest time anyway, so if/when I do I'll be sure to follow you and I'll be able to see the progress that way too! :D
I've always wanted to try making custom nendos too, but right now I've just started painting custom Dollfie Dream dolls! I, too, am making characters that will never get official ones :'D Mostly from Umineko and One Piece! Best of luck to both of us on our custom-making journeys!! A Law nendo would be my dream ;_; I just ordered Ace's Chibi-Arts recently from AmiAmi pre-owned, but I've heard that the Chibi-Arts quality is questionable... He's so cute, though, and the closest thing to a nendo, so I'll just have to see once he gets here!

I'm so glad I'm not alone on that one. I also thought that I was the only one who didn't finish sun/moon. Tbh I still don't know what happens with the main story. I'm up to the part, if I can recall, that Nebby is in some different form and I defeated, Lillie/Gladion's mum or something. Haha But it does make sense to wait for Ultra.

I am definitely getting that next Sonic game! I had Sonic OC's when I was younger too ^^; Gonna make my main one in the game. For the sake of nostalgia! I wish I played more Spyro games as a kid since I loved year of the dragon so much! It's so cool that you play them every year, I would love to do the same. I can't believe that you played Rayman as well! I used to play the first Rayman game with my Dad and sister. I also have Rayman too, my favourite character was Globox, used to love it when he did the rain dance!

Oooh cool! I would love to see your custom dolls, that sounds awesome! Omg thank you so much uwu I appreciate it. I'll deffo show you when they are done! Though they are definitely going to take ages to finish ><. Yeah good luck to us both! I'll tell when I get around to making a custom nendo face for Law owo (I'm prety sure I will get around to it eventually!). Honestly I love my Chibi-arts Ace, he was my first figure hehehe. Sure the joints area little iffy, etc. But I still love it pros outweigh the cons to me! I think you will love him regardless!

Did you see SOC Ace painted??? Just when you think he couldn't look better! They even altered his facial expression! I'm dying ><

What did you think of the Wonfes reveals though??
11 months ago
Choppi (1 year ago) #23781636HELLO oh my gosh I'm so sorry for my late reply! ;_; Stuff was going on but now I can focus so my replies will be quick now :D I hope I didn't make you worry that I was ignoring you! ;; In fact, when I got to finally sit down and read your message it made my day :'D We have so much in common!
YES oh my gosh the SOC Ace is GORGEOUS!! I'm so excited too; he looks absolutely perfect already! Law's SOC is my favorite figure ever, but I don't have him yet because I'm waiting for him to pop up on AmiAmi's pre-owned section so I can throw him in with my monthly preorders.
My favorite Pokemon are Pyukumuku and Xurkitree :D I've unintentionally started a Pyukumuku collection... he's just so stupidly cute, and his merch is too. I love your choices, especially Vileplume; she's easily in my top 10 favorites and I am always in love with her plush. So underrated!
I've only read/watched parts 1-4 of Jojo, but my faves from each are Speedwagon, Stroheim, Kakyoin, and Okuyasu! So we're the same on the last two :D And my favorite Matsu is forever Kara!! I can't wait for season 2 either! I miss it so much;;
BUT YES I can already tell that we'll be great friends ;u;!!

Oh don't worry about it!I understand ;w; Omg SOC Ace! I need two (*´∀`*) I can't wait to see more pics of him. I'm not gonna lie SOC Law looks sooo good! I hope you manage to get him! If I see him for a decent price or on Amiami I'll be sure to tell you ヽ(*´∀`)ノ +゚*。:゚+.

Awww Pyukumuku is so cute! I love your poke collection (*゚∀゚*) Mine is practically non-existent... So sad. One of the only things is my Oddish cushion really, which I super love! I'll be completely honest with I haven't actually finished Sun yet, because I was so busy with Uni >> I really need to start playing again uwu Xurkitree looks awesome!! o.o But yeah I agree Vileplume is underrated and awesome owo.

I have only read/watch parts 1-4 too! Did you see how Okuyasu was almost killed off ╥﹏╥ I was ready to cry

If Oso season 2 is anything like the first I am so ready!!

OMG you even played Spyro and Sonic! My favourite/only spyro game was Spyro: Year of the Dragon and my favourite Sonic game was Sonic Heroes (mainly because it was my very first sonic game^^). I really interested in the next Sonic game, hopefully the franchise will make a good comeback!

To be honest right now I into making custom nendoroids. I have mostly just completed the face plate, but I mostly want to focus on my fav chars that most likely will never get a nendoroid. This is a link to a blog post I made aegis-s.tumblr.... But imagine one piece nendos though! It will never happen. But Chibi-Art is not enough >< ... ♪ (´▽`)ノ♪ ♫ Imagine a Law nendoroid whaaaaaat The possibilities!

Ditto! I think so too ⁙ὸ‿ό⁙
11 months ago
Choppi (1 year ago) #23293778Hi there!! :D Thanks so much for your comment, it's very nice to meet you! You can also never have too much Ace; you chose such an awesome character to collect(^∇^)It's so exciting to meet fellow One Piece collectors and can't wait to see your collection grow! Definitely sending you a friend request ASAP!
EDIT: I'm also a fan of Pokemon, JoJo, and Osomatsu-san too!

Wow thank you so much for the friend request ^^ nice to meet you too!I hope my collection gets better since I doubt I will ever stop loving his character X3 I'm really waiting on the Ace S.O.C figure! I love meeting others that share the same interests as I do! I hope I don't annoy you with these questions buut... What are your favourite pokes?? I'd say mine are Honchkrow, Toucannon, Vileplume, Alomomola etc. (there are too many ><) Which characters are your faves in Jojo and Oso??^^ I personally love, Jonathan, Caesar, Kakyoin (why do I love characters that are killed off TmT)and Okuyasu Ichimatsu and Karamatsu in Oso are my faves :3 I heard that there will be a season two. :D (sorry)
1 year ago
Hi! I love your one piece collection!! I have been seeing your comments and ordered status a lot on one piece merch pages so I thought that I should check out your page ^^ Law heaven! You can never have too much Law
(ノ^о^)ノ One day my collection will be as awesome as yours hopefully haha!
1 year ago
Choppi (1 year ago) #23189091Hi there! You have such an amazing Ace collection! :D I've been seeing your name in the "ordered" section of One Piece stuff so I decided to check out your page!
Are you trying to collect all of the Ace merch that you can possibly find? That's so cool!! I'm trying to do the same with Law. Best of luck to both of us on our quests!! \o/ Collections that are based around one character are always my favorite!!
Hello, Thanks! Yes I am trying to collect as much of Ace as possible. I love Ace!❤❤❤ That's awesome wish you luck with your quest too!
1 year ago
Wow, nice one piece collection! You seem have quite the Law collection. Thanks friend request. ☺
1 year ago
Welcome to Entertainment Hobby Shop JUNGLE!
Hello, hello! Tl;dr I am a collector of all the One Piece things. I'm also dedicated to listing all the One Piece merch that is not on the database... which is a LOT, to say the least! Trafalgar Law, Corazon, and Doflamingo are my main character collections. Crocodile and Katakuri are my secondary focuses!

When it comes to non-OP things, I mainly collect BJDs (ball-jointed dolls) and the vinyl Dollfie Dream/Smart Dolls. I'm also forever a fanatic of Umineko, so I look for any of the very little merch it has.

(The items I have as my favorites on here only include One Piece merch... makes it easier for me to organize. Plus any and all of the non-OP stuff I have are automatically my favorites, too, since I keep those at a minimum.)
http://i346.photobucket.com/albums/p426/choppip/lawsprite1_zpsha5foyki.pngBesides collecting, I'm passionate about linguistics! I'm trilingual in English, Japanese, and Chinese. I've also begun bodybuilding. I mean, how else can I survive the seas of The New World? ;)

... I also have 10 cats, 3 dogs, 3 guinea pigs, a seahorse aquarium, and a koi pond. I'm basically their full-time servant.