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Ciciely (2 days ago) #27221584Oooh! How many do you have? I just hit 99 the other day. A lot of people on MFC seem to hate Pops.
Oh wow! Congrats! I certainly don't have that many XD I actually only just recently had to pack all of mine away due to space issues so I honestly can't remember off the top of my head. I'd say no more than 20 though, I was actually thinking about selling a few of my non-Captain America related ones but we'll see. I like to think I can sell things but end up hoarding then anyway, haha~

Do you collect certain ones or just whatever takes your fancy?
2 days ago
Ciciely (4 days ago) #27165750I just remembered, the Yuri on Ice Funko Pops are out at Hottopic if you wanted to add those to the shrine. I'm not sure how you feel about them.
Haha~ Thanks for the comment. I actually collect Pop Vinyls (Captain America ones primarily) so I've already ordered Yuuri and the two Victor's from an online Australian based shop (Popcultcha)! XD I think they're a nice inexpensive thing to add to my different collections. Pops definitely aren't for those that want all high quality figures, as expected of mass produced items though.
4 days ago
MelKeigoRGBlv19 ~Honey Fairy~
Ciciely (15 days ago) #26642003Don't worry! I'm alive and well. I was on the strip 2 days prior which is a scary thought but I live about 30ish mins from downtown. All my family & friends are safe as well, thanks for checking on me ❤!
Yay! My discord is Ciciely #8422.
I also see I missed your birthday?? Happy belated birthday!!

That's so good to hear!!! TAT It was awful what happened there... I hope you all stay safe <3
I have sent you a request on Discord (if I did it right lol)
Anyway, my birthday has not passes yet! XDD No worries, it's Nov 30th hahah
14 days ago
MelKeigoRGBlv19 ~Honey Fairy~
Ciciely (1 month ago) #26018209I will as soon as I cool it on the ordering lmao!! I think the time to buy a 4th detolf case is fast approaching. Rearrange the room a bit. Living down the street from a vintage toy store is heaven and hell lol. I always wondered!! I've heard references before but I thought it was just made up. I might get one..

I`m so sorry for the late reply!! It's been crazy here, I often open MFC but dont check notifications
I came rushing though after I heard about Las Vegas!! How are you doing?? Is everything ok?
Btw I downloaded discord, so I can add you and we can talk more often too!! <3
15 days ago
MelKeigoRGBlv19 ~Honey Fairy~
Ciciely (1 month ago) #24954760A bunch of non-anime stuff. Like some boxed McFarlane toys, Joker, A NECA set of The Crow, etc etc. I'll have to upload photos of my collection one day. Discord is more for gamers I guess, yeah, but it's pretty fancy so far. I've really enjoyed using it, there's an MFC group on there too. I've never heard of LINE or WhatsApp?? Goodluck to our wallets as well, hahaha!

Ohh ok ok! I see!! That's cool too!! :DD do post some pics!! of how everything looks together XD
And about discord, I told you I've heard about it but I don't really know anyone (besides you) who uses it LOL
wHAT really?? they're very famous messaging apps! LINE is used a lot in Japan too, some manga even make reference to it LMAO and they have a bunch of stickers/emojis from Disney and animes too!! <33
1 month ago
MelKeigoRGBlv19 ~Honey Fairy~
Ciciely (1 month ago) #24872306Thank you! Hahah, so far he's a real keeper for sure! I've been super busy that's for sure. x.x I'm job hunting now as well since turning 21, so many options!! I've also increased my figures by, like, 400% since we last spoke lol. Not all anime but all are gems! Do you have a discord by the way? I was convinced to make one and I've been loving it.

That's nice to hear!! Heheh
WELP good luck to us, job hunting this term DX hahaha
AND WOW 400% tell me more about your new acquisitions!! XDD
I dont have a discord! Actually, I have only heard about it and don't know it that well hahah like a social media? XD
I use LINE and WhatsApp but that one seems to be for gamers?
1 month ago
Ooo yes! I would very much like a link. :3

Ciciely (1 month ago) #24871542I never mind FR's! I really enjoy your blog. I can send you the link to where I got my cane if you'd like, it's beautiful and really well made. If I get the Sly statue he'll go atop one of my detolfs. My only bookcase is downstairs & fits perfectly so there isn't much space on top, and it isn't bolted to the wall! (Yikes!). Only my pop funk and gunpla go on that shelf though.
P.S happy belated birthday! Mine was the 11th! Yay Leo's! ahaha.
1 month ago
Your comment made me smile, so I clicked the friend request button. :3
1 month ago
MelKeigoRGBlv19 ~Honey Fairy~
Ciciely (2 months ago) #24731448My (new!) boyfriend took me out to a bunch of comic/toy shops, to dinner, and my first bar! Then we spent the rest of the night at his house. I was tipsy after one small, dirty shirley temple, hahaha. Then the next night I went out to dinner and a few stores with my family. Aaaand this upcoming weekend I should be going to my first club on the strip with friends but it depends on who's making an appearance and where. Are you making plans to come out here yet? What's going on with you!?

OHHH new boyfriend XD congrats! Hahhaha
Taking you out to those places makes him seem like a good one HAHHAAH
Sounds like you've beem having a great time!! Glad for you!
I was in Brazil for a while during summer break, but now I'm back to Orlando and my last term starts next week DX kinda scary and exciting hahaha
I REALLY wanna go there, but I have no plans yet! It depends on my schedule, job hunting at the end of the term and da money XDD hhaha
1 month ago
Ciciely (2 months ago) #24738234I compare waiting for a proto-limbo figure to waiting for KH3 LOL. But, no, never give up! Never surrender! I only collect male figures (even my non-human types are) so I'm over-the-moon about this male fig boom right now. Seeing beautiful figures of boys I don't know helps me find new shows too. I've got it baaaad for sword types too! Hahaha. I was surprised at myself when I loved Haikyuu and YOI so much. I'm trying to peek my head into idol hell but I've got my types like everybody else and a lot of idol characters come off as too girly for my tastes. Y'know that "I'm clueless at literally every turn and can't even hold chopsticks without them dramatically flying away and crying because of it" over the top type? It gets on my nerves. Sword types are so manly and can be cocky and *begins babbling* ლ(´ڡ`ლ)...
I wanna give Yahoo Japan Auctions a try but I don't really grasp the proxy idea too well and I think it'll be much more of a headache and partial scare for me, so I'll stick with Mandarake (just found Jungle last night!) for now.
Thank you! I made a discord for a MAL group and never used it. I'll re-download it and add you right now. I get discouraged from talking in large groups online so it's a bit hard for me to reach out and talk about this hobby. Commenting on blog articles here at first was a struggle. I have 1 friend in rl who collects but he's only into NSFW girls and my other buddy only collects manga, and the rest of my friends don't collect period. My boyfriend collects an array of things (yugioh cards is his biggest for now) but has no interest in anime. It's nice he listens to me rant and appreciates my collection, noticing new ones and asking who they are but, it's nice to see someone else get excited or know the struggle/rarity of one.

OMG. I was you two years ago! I planned to only collect male figures- but then Madoka Magica and Love Live happened. I don't even watch Love Live, but I'm an avid player of the game, and the aesthetics are just hnngh. X'D And I've gotten back into Vocaloid, so lately I've been into Miku and Kaito too, so she's another girl to add to the list. I actually never would have thought I'd buy female figures since I don't like anime girls in general (they tend to fall into certain stereotypes that are almost sexist to me tbh, sometimes they're there just for the benefit of the male MC too), but lately most anime have been making really cool, badass girls that need no man. X'D (Badass Loli Tanya kicking grown men's asses) So I've been into those.

But yes, I know what you mean with male idols! I watched Starmyu, and pretty much the MC falls into that category you just pointed out. X'D There's also the classic tsundere and the "I'm cold but actually I have a kind heart" guys and just. Deres. Deres everywhere. I feel like most of them are flat and just 'by the book' and 'tried and tested' in terms of personality. No one ever bothers to give these kinds of characters more depth.

But yes. The sword types, dem manly af. -u- <3 I like dem sword boys. Especially the legit manly men like Mutsunokami RIP figure

I haven't given proxy services a try, but I plan to next month- I need to pre-order some Victuuri/Otario keychains that are exclusive on Movic, so I plan to use FromJapan. I'll let you know how it goes!

Ahhh, I totally understand what you mean! I typically don't like talking in big groups too, but sometimes it can get really fun especially when people are talking or ranting about random stuff. X'D But I totally get what you mean about finding it hard to reach out to people. But out of every single fandom and fansite I've been on the internet, MFC really is something else. The community here is just so kind and accommodating and everyone is so open-minded! I haven't met anyone here who is downright mean or a troll. Sure, people get angry and have debates over certain figures, but their anger is usually justified most of the time. Plus, people give constructive criticisms rather than downright insulting others' tastes. I've never really been in a community that's so open like this.

But yes. Talking to someone who really has a similar hobby is so nice. :'D It's really nice talking to you like this too! When you have Discord, hit me up on there! I just found out my privacy settings was wonky and maybe you weren't able to send me a friend request, but it's all fixed now :'D
2 months ago
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