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My name is CirqueNingyo~

I have an avid love for anime, cats, and sweet desserts. I am undeniably obsessed with large breasts and my collection of figures and dolls will display that. I am a tried and true New Yorker with a ton of sass (sorry in advance if I may offend).

One of my favorite things to do is work hard at my small business and make mons as a Oppai Hunter. I dream big and work hard doing things I love and nothing will deter that passion. I hope, whoever may be reading this, that you're at a happy place in your life and if not, that you'll get there soon.

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Cat Ears, Thigh Highs, Stockings, Glasses


CirqueNingyo (1 year ago) #17981731Thank you, me too! It was worth the wait, was like a xmas gift to myself. Getting that many grails is a blessing, and it continues, I picked her up a few days ago: ITEM #323505 I plan on doing some mods on her, maybe share a few photos here on mfc.
That Sonico is really cute, there's a big sale of her for Plamoya right now, but you might find a better price elsewhere. Nice find you got there! I never did see Bouryaku no Zvezda, how was it? I see she's made by French Doll, too, so has to be really pretty.
Thank you lmao, I just...the year goes by so quickly. But hey, as long as you're happy and healthy, the number doesnt matter :')
Wait. You have a storage unit...filled with figures? Or just figures and other stuff? Well either way, it being filled already is scary lol. I thought about getting one, is a smart idea so you don't become a level 100 hoarder.
Man...Galko. ALL the figures of her so far have bummed me out, I really liked the little series and would love a figure of her, hopefully this WonFes will make me happy. You excited about it? Anything you looking or hoping for?

Oh cool! You got so much loot! I hope you do share your mods. What's your vision for her?

I actually already have that Sonico sculpted by French Doll. I did find her for cheap - less than 4k on Manda. I wonder why her price dropped so much. She seems to be cheap whenever she pops up on a credible site.
French Doll is really talented though. Their latest release is ITEM #331751 and everyone is singing her praises. It makes me want her even more but she's so damn expensive (even if she is worth the price). Maybe some other day...

LOL, yeah, I was just playing. I don't care about my age. I'm actually liking the white hairs I have coming in XD

My storage unit is full of figures lol It's a small unit though; I need to find a rolling stairway in order to access it. I just went with the cheapest option but now it's hardly enough. Really though, I just need to stop being lazy about selling stuff. Some of the figures I have in storage, I'm certain I'd never display again... just need to get rid of them.

A lot of people were complaining about WF but I'm happy with it. I don't like when it's overwhelming though, I like my PO wishlist to be relatively short. You must be going crazy with all the Rem announcements lol
Here are my highlights as far as announcements (mostly NSFW):
View spoilerHide spoilerITEM #549584
ITEM #549715
ITEM #549689
ITEM #549738
ITEM #549703
ITEM #549563
ITEM #549564
ITEM #549684
ITEM #549561 (!!)

Phew, actually a lot to keep an eye on. A bunch of catgirls in there, so you'll likely approve :)
How about you?! What got you curious?
1 year ago
CirqueNingyo (1 year ago) #17468525Hey!
Yes, it's finally home and goodness, massive box. I was super elated about the Dendrobium Sisters, made by the same guy that built the foundation of my Angel Philia/Vmf50 girls you see I've collected. Ooooh, sounds like you had fun shopping for xmas lol! I was more tame this year, I wonder if thats part of getting older D':
Did you pick up anything rad or just some random goodies?
My Birthday was on the 4th yes *pets cane* ...
Thank you, I was really happy to get it but back then I didnt put much thought into the scale! It's like 1/12 or some crazy shit, I told myself it was fine, already had all the materials (Am a Art Nerd) but its been sitting in the packaging for the last 3..years or so lol! One day!
What! What is Chucky without Tiff, though!? XD
For the price, it's not bad...I might see how Chucky looks in the after market, somehow I feel like waiting might be a mistake but I don't want to overwhelm myself like I have since I got into the hobby. I'm saving up for another doll so I can't juggle both hobbies. Trunk Girl is special, one of my friends on here gifted her to me. She's lacking in the curves department but she's incredibly charming nonetheless. I really dig how they didnt glue her shoe on, you literally can take it off and hang it off the edge of her feet. I don't know why I like that part the most, it's the little things, I guess.


I'm so glad you got your loot!
Oh, I see, the Dendrobium Sisters have the same manufacturer. I thought you were saying those dolls were made by French Doll ENCYCLOPEDIA #9508 who sculpted those sisters. I really like their work actually - made one of my favorite versions of Sonico ITEM #116044 and I just received ITEM #287973 (30% off on AmiAmi, couldn't help myself).
Other than that gem though, my recent purchases have consisted mostly of little random stuff like Rement accessories and trading figures. I've been on a real big trading figure kick lately and I'm having fun with them in my photos.

Well happy (belated) birthday!!! And what's with this "cane" talk?! lol I'm definitely older than you so be careful there ;)

I know. I'm actually thinking I might sell my Chucky anyway. I have a bunch of stuff I want to sell off but I've been too lazy to start the process. My storage unit is almost full so I'll have to make some moves soon.

Yeah, Trunk Girl is definitely not very curvy but I feel like her shape suits her. Well, as the title suggests, she should be able to fit in a trunk with heavy weaponry lol

I'm excited to see Galko caught a release date: ITEM #396908. I'm curious to see how she'll do in the aftermarket.
1 year ago
CirqueNingyo (1 year ago) #16891237Hey!
Guess who finally paid for her loot? This girl! XD
I'll update you with a link once its here, it might end up being a Christmas gift to myself.
Great question, it's been so long, I forgot the name of it lol...need to find it.
This is the one I have: ITEM #196845
Very beautiful, I was enchanted the minute I saw it...but...never did anything with it. I recall the scale being ridiculously tiny, though.
Nice loot! I must ask, though, regarding the Bishoujo Line, are they decent quality? Can't help but look at any bishoujo figure and see how smudgy the paint looks. I really need a personal opinion, because maybe the price reflects that, too? I'm hoping to pick up ITEM #396499 and ITEM #393941

Nice! It's looks like your loot made it home? How are you enjoying everything?
LOL I got myself a bunch of xmas gifts this year.
And isn't your bday coming up soon too?

Wow, that's a beautiful GK you have! But damn, two characters like that makes it a pretty ambitious first kit. I guess it'll be hard either way so you might as well make something you love :)

Personally I like the bishoujo line. It isn't Koto's highest line so yeah, that can be apparent in the paint job. I haven't had any major flaws in my Koto bishoujo figures but others claim to. Also, they don't do any kind of shading. But like you said, that's reflected in the price. If you buy one upon release or just after release, they are always relatively inexpensive. However, some of them shoot way up in the aftermarket (like that Jean Grey I got).
I actually preordered that Chucky figure, the exclusive one from KotoUS. I'm on the fence with Tiffany though.

BTW, how do you like your Trunk Girl? I've always loved that figure.
1 year ago
CirqueNingyo (2 years ago) #16435872Hey! How're you?
Sniper Wolf was a nice prize!! Is she as pretty as the pictures?
And any progress with the Sonico GK? I honestly dont have the patience with GK's, I still have one I need to work on that I bought like...2 years ago lol. One day I'm going to be bored as hell and I'll work on it yup.
As for the Anniversary, did you see the wedding sheet of her? Unfortunately it's only at an event so I'll need to wait for those aftermarket prices :') Yay.
Haha, yeah, I'll get it home soon. Plot Twist; I'm going back to New York soon so I probably wont get to see it :DDDDD But yeah, 15K shipping is like 1/4th Scale Figure price, its rough, but I collected a lot of loot at my friends.
Lol, its no problem, I really appreciate it!! :')
I saw that scroll, btw, the RemxRam Maido Twins from Re:Zero, I ordered it, need to get it shipped to my friend, though...to include in my loot :D He'll be thrilled, I can hear him already...
Anything new?

Yeah, Sniper Wolf is definitely pretty. I haven't actually unboxed her yet so I can't fully speak to her quality but she looks great through the box window. Certainly exciting to win something so nice!

Nah, I haven't started that Sonico GK yet. I'll wait for a while on that. The first step will be sanding and resin dust is toxic so I decided it makes the most sense to do my sanding outside. (I don't want to risk harming my cat.) But it's too cold for all that right now, so I may wait for the spring. Also, I have some other arts & crafts stuff going on right now, just building stuff for my displays.
Oh, what GK do you have? I was just looking through your collection and didn't find it. It's not in the database? I did notice you have Trunk Girl though. I love that figure. I'm on the fence about buying her though because she's so expensive. She's been sitting in my Mandarake shopping cart for a while lol Do you love her?

Yeah that Sonico sheet is beautiful. I bet you're right that it will be crazy in the aftermarket. I don't think I'll be able to do it. We'll see though...

As far as my collection goes, a lot is new! I went a little crazy this month lol For one, I got ITEM #27111 and I've wanted her for a while. I spent $200 on her which is a bit high but she's never been opened so I justified it. The other big one was ITEM #206933 - she was about 11000JPY - another figure I've wanted for a while. And then a bunch of random little things; here are some highlights from that category: ITEM #116770 ITEM #36236 ITEM #78853 ITEM #78851 Fun stuff :)
1 year ago
CirqueNingyo (2 years ago) #15858169Hellloooo :D
You won a raffle at NYCC? That's fantastic...and lucky as hell. What did you get?
That Super Sonico GK...I'm very envious, I wish they just made the damn scale figure lol. I hate doing GKs...tedious. But man, I hope you'll show her off when you're done.
GSC is trying to kill me with the Sonicos they're doing...I don't know if my heart can handle it xD
Lmao, yeah, because of the shipping it's crazy expensive, I've had to hold it off yet again. I have to prioritize things and almost $150 is just too much right now lol.
Lets pray Liliana turns out alright, though, she's one of my most anticipated and it'll be a great display with the goodies I'm getting.
Did the starless couple come in yet?
Its such a grand set, I would have gotten it if I knew more about the two but alas...
If you DO have them, did you assemble them yet, was it easy? Sorry, super curious.
You've still been suppperrr busy? I have on my end. Never have the time, even for myself more often than not.

Hey there!
I did win a raffle. I won that Sniper Wolf figure: ITEM #289397. I know, so lucky! They raffled off a bunch of little things first and worked their way up to figures. I couldn't believe my luck. Only a few of the things they raffled had my interest and I got one of them.

That Sonico is my first GK. I haven't started her yet but I'm going to take my time. I've been watching some videos and reading some tutorials so I hopefully don't mess it up.

And as far as I'm concerned: Bring on the Sonicos! Make that anniversary known.

I don't know if I've ever paid 15k on shipping a single package. That's intense :/ I hope you can get it home soon!

Yup, Starless gals made it home. I was a little worried because it seemed Skytube had been slacking, but to my relief they came out great. They are chilling on my shelf. I can't get down with the whole milking thing though - I left all that gear in the box.
From what I've gathered, the milking stuff is easy to assemble though. Hazuki's breasts and milkers are magnetic so the connection is easy to make: NSFW View spoilerHide spoilerPICTURE #1638203

Busy busy busy! But I haven't forgotten about you. I wrote something up but I think it's too long so I'm going to do another draft lol You'll definitely have it by the end of the year as promised :)

Did you see this global.rakuten.... ?
I still haven't watched any of that series but that tapestry looks dope.
2 years ago
CirqueNingyo (2 years ago) #16059160You're welcome :D I wish I knew you a few months ago when she popped up. I think she sold for under 50k yen. The seller was selling a few older sculpts, like Miria. 3 of my girls I snagged from Y!J Auctions, only have one that was preordered lol.aww man, i missed out!!! D; thank you so much for your help! lol i really hope i find her someday. Do you plan on getting any more?
2 years ago
CirqueNingyo (2 years ago) #16039558Even though Pepe Lima was only in one episode I would have loved a figure of her. That and Michiko and Atsuko. A figure with dark skin and a afro...goodness ;~;
Same! I'm a lover of curves and seeing Marina and Romina's lewd expression and saggy breasts was love at first sight. I owned one with a twist torso, Riana I think her name was. It gives them a really cute tummy crease. Liza really is a beauty but she's been out so long ago she rarely pops up on the second market :( BUT AP has started doing re-releases so you might see her in the future. If I see her anywhere I'll tell you :3

Omg a Pepe Lima figure would be sooo cute ;; yes!I was hoping for Michiko and Atsuko for sure, they would've looked so great ;; but now I want Pepe Lima too

Seriously, the natural look of the breasts is so amazing (o w o;)
Thanks so much!! Omg I really hope Liza shows up somewhere someday! I've found the best deals for them so far on Y! Japan auctions...
2 years ago
CirqueNingyo (2 years ago) #16036638Thank you! I honestly don't have much hope in seeing a MTH figure...did you see the one that was made? It's terrible lol. I have to ask, though. What got you interested in AP girls? They're quite lewd so lots of people are turned off from them.
seriously! there's no hope ;_; there's not even a garage kit, and the characters would have made great figures ;( eternally bummed over it

omg, the angel philia dolls' lewdness is what makes them cute imo! (o u o;;) also the fact that they look so realistic compared to a lot of dolls. their proportions (usually lol) are so realistic too! And I love the "twist" torso piece, neither of my dolls have it yet though...
I think my grail doll from them is Liza ITEM #151339 ;;; she's such a beauty!!
what draws you to the angel philia dolls? :)
2 years ago
CirqueNingyo (2 years ago) #16036368Thanks so much! Great seeing another AP owner on here <3seriously!! <3 also nice icon, i would be so happy if some company ever made figures from michiko to hatchin ;;
2 years ago
you have great taste in dolls!!~~
2 years ago
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