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My Rin nendoroid came in super fast, with great packaging and in perfect condition! The box was still sealed and in mint condition. Super satisfied with my purchase, would buy from this seller again.
5 months ago
5 months ago
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
I’m a bit late but happy birthday!!! ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
3 years ago
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Cloudedmind3 years ago#23724156Happy birthday! And love the page layout!
Thanks so much!!! Haha I tried to cram all my fave things on there but I'm still missing one title lol :') Thank you!!
3 years ago
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Cloudedmind4 years ago#18738497Thanks!
And yes I am. I can't wait until the second season starts. I'm looking forward to where Koogi takes these characters. I find their personalities and psychology interesting. It's like yes, a story about two crazies. xD

Season 2 should start any day now! Did you see all the stuff from the fan event? I'm really happy that KS will be ongoing for at least three or four more seasons. That's at least another year of it! I really enjoy the psychological aspect of it too. Right from the beginning I was just like woah what's going to happen and I was hooked from chapter one. It can go in so many directions and after that cliffhanger we were left with at the end of chapter 19, I'm honestly freaking out about what chapter 20 will be.
3 years ago
Cloudedmind4 years ago#18957108Thanks for the friend request. It's so funny that you have a picture of Vincent because I just started watching Ergo Proxy last week, after years of putting it off. I haven't finished it yet, I believe I'm on episode 16 or so, and I'm kind of having mixed feelings about the show over all. It's certainly one of those shows where I'll need to see the whole thing before I can form a concrete opinion. Anyway I was telling a friend about it and my reaction to Vincent as the show progressed...
Me: *first few episodes* This Vincent character is kind of blah...
Me: *five episodes later* Ugh, why is this guy so f****** annoying and depressing! Well he's kind of cute with his hair down and eyes open.
Me: *five more episodes later* OMFG!!!! Why can't I stop fantasizing about Vincent. xDDD
He can still be annoying and depressing to watch, but much like Shinji from NGE, he does have a weird endearing quality about him. And when he's not talking he's kind of hot. xD


Oh well, he had such a character development! He keeps changing until the last chapter and I'm afraid that he's nothing like shinji... You'll see....

I like that dumb side too! I can't stand characters that are perfect and lacks humanity (???)
(Don't you think that Leonardo Watch from kekkai sensen resembles him like A LOT?!! Too much to be a coincidence)
4 years ago
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
I think I am late..?? But, happy birthday!!!!!! I hope it was a good one!

And omg are you a Killing Stalking fan too??????

Edit: Also didn't notice we are close in age XD
4 years ago
Happy Birthday~♡
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4 years ago
Hi! I just saw your comment on item item/464633#ref..., and just wanted to say thank you! x3 I love Sangwoo (although he is a complete psychopath xD), have you read Killing Stalking? Tomorrow Lezhin Comics will release the last chapter from season 1 in english :)
4 years ago
Cloudedmind5 years ago#7091734I figured I'd move the discussion here to keep from going off topic. But so far they're only doing two, Mutsunokami and Kasen. I'm also hoping that they're all relatively in scale with each other, but I won't get my hopes up to much.
And thanks! I've been thinking about changing my profile page pictures to another character, just not sure who though.

But wouldn't it look weird if they are not in scale with each other? Unless we display them according to manufacturers. The majority of sword boys are done by OR so it shouldn't be a huge problem. Wonder which will be up for pre-order next? Yamanbagiri don't even have a prototype so not anytime soon, CCP too, Di Molto as well. Maybe Ookurikara or Yamatonokami? Gokotai and Shishio would look awesome when painted.

Hmm who is your favourite character after Hisoka? But I really liked what you did. So many nice pics of Hisoka. :)

Btw thanks for the FR! Oh and happy belated birthday! :D
5 years ago


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