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I have a bunch of different hobbies - Collecting figures, video games, old audio equipment, paintings, etc.

I also paint, draw, write, fix things (which is a weird hobby I know, but it's the problem solving that's fun), cars that go vroom vroom, and learning new things.

I tend to jump from hobby to hobby, but figure collecting is one of my consistent ones.

I am always open to chatting, so feel free to send a pm, I don't bite! XD



Thank you!! I appreciate it. Have a nice day too. :)
3 months ago
Thanks! ^ >^
5 months ago
Hi! How are you my friend ! :D
5 months ago
Ahah thank you so much ! X3

Yeah! A lot of people in my entourage are born in march ! (5 in my familly, 4 Friends...xD !)

xD so crazy indeed!
7 months ago
Thank you! ^_^
7 months ago
Hello! Thanks for reading my article! All the info is at thread/16835

Hope you find time to check it out!
8 months ago
You're not late! My birthday is actually the 5th, not sure how I accidentally put in the 4th. Thank you though!
9 months ago
I know I'm technically a time traveler, but it's still 4 and 3 quarter hours away from being the 16th... lmao. But THANK YOUUU! You're like, officially the first out of everyone :)
11 months ago
thank you! <:
1 year ago
A+++ buyer. Fast payment!
1 year ago
Welcome to Entertainment Hobby Shop JUNGLE!