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Copic (2 years ago) #9956629Happy Birthday Chel!
Wishing you all the best and Hope you're doing well.

Thank you!! btw long time no see!
2 years ago

Hi, Copic!
I'm sorry I haven't finished my reply to your PM and comment yet. T_T But right now, I'm on my winter break, so I'm confident that I'll get to respond to all of it before I go back to school!

I just wanted to stop by and say that I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Christmas!

May you spend it in the company of those you love, and get everything you wish for this year. Presents, food, friends and family - all of it! Just have a great time! ^^

I don't know how the weather over there in Thailand is, but if it's anything like the weather in New York... don't catch a cold, okay? ;)

สุขสันต์วันคริสต์มาส! ❤

4 years ago

I'm so sorry for keeping you waiting, Copic... ;_; ;_; ;_;
Please forgive me for taking so long with your messages.
I really wanted to respond to you right away, but suddenly, many troublesome things got in the way and made it difficult for me, as you deserved the best response. School is finally over for me now, so between now and August, I believe I'll be able to answer messages more leisurely... :'D But actually, another reason that things took so long were also because I have some things to give you in the message today... ;) And they took a very long time to draw... because my left hand is poop ;) ;) I won't spoil anything besides that... I want to get straight onto responding to you! And you'll see what I mean soon!

First, I want to talk about the birthday message you left for me ><

It's not too late at all... (hey, just look at the time I'm responding to this! XD)

I LOVE IT!!!! How long did it take you to draw that cake?!? OMG ;__;
This is just the cutest and sweetest thing ever... I love how Ritsu and Sayaka are popping out of the cake, oh, and Gumi and Miku too!!! (I love how she's drizzling leeks along the cake :P) I just want to hug them all! Oh... and I see your famous cat face has appeared once again! ^^ <3 I love all of them, but I especially like Sayaka's expression. She just looks so squishy and cute! XD The cake also looks so thick, fluffy and delicious!!! If it were real, I would've gladly eaten it by now! Oh, but make sure you guys get out of the cake first! Hehe XD

Thank you so much for drawing this for me. I didn't know anyone would remember my birthday, much less give me such a sweet and thoughtful gift! Really... I hope it's not too much for me to say this, but I want you to know that I actually teared up when I first saw this (the good tears, I promise!) because my birthday this year was rather sad.. but then I came onto MFC, and this was just so perfect to see before I went to sleep. Thank you so much, Copic. I'm sorry for making you go out of your way, but I appreciate your kindness more than I can express in words. You really turned my birthday around and made it good... from the bottom of my heart, thank you, once again! It really felt like Ricchan, Sayaka, Miku, Gumi and you were here to celebrate with me. Thank you for the banner, streamers, cake, and everything!!!

The picture I put on top for you today is the first picture I drew as soon as I saw your drawing. I really wanted to do something to show my thanks, so I drew myself eating the cake you made for me! Though it doesn't look half as delicious in my style... Don't worry, I'm not crying because it's bad, I'm crying tears of joy! XD Oh, and as per my suggestion, the four girls jumped out of the cake before I had a chance to eat them as well :P

But enough about me! Now, what's really important is HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOURSELF!!!!!!!! I'm so sorry that it's late T_T I hope that you can forgive me!
I can't believe it's been another year since we talked again. I feel like we haven't talked nearly enough (but as always, it's my fault... =_= if I were to become a magical girl, my wish would definitely be to "destroy school!") But even though it's so late, I really tried to draw you a better picture for this year. Sayaka and Ritsu in 3DMG!! Whenever I think about them in these outfits, now I think of you! It's our special joke ^^
But I'm so sorry that this picture looks so messy and gross T_T I wanted to do it in color to make it more special than last year's, but in the end, I think I should have kept it an uncolored sketch... I didn't have a lot of colored pencils to choose from, so the colors on many things (but especially their uniforms) aren't right... not to mention I'm not very good at coloring... and I tried to do polka dots with glitter pens in their hair but it looks really weird... and the black outline around the two is weird too, but I needed it because otherwise it would've been too blurry... and I scribbled yellow all around the picture to give it a more happy atmosphere but I'm afraid that it looks gross T_T But I really hope it can make you smile at least a little like your picture did for me... or at least laugh at how bad it is XD No matter what, I promise I did my best, and I also promise that I'll draw you something much better, very soon!!!
In the meantime, I hope that you had your best birthday yet, with plenty of friends, love, food and great presents!
I also drew Gumi and Miku in the background because they were there for my birthday celebration XD And the girl with the black hair sandwiched inbetween Ritsu and Sayaka is me.

Now, let's move onto your old message ;)

I really loved your comic!!! This one was soooo perfect as well! You're a genius, man... :'D And a natural! For your first (and second) time, this is just amazing! ^^ I just love how you always put in some references from the anime in your comics. They make the jokes so funny and in character!! I really love how you did all their expressions and how everything flows so naturally in their motions. I think it's really hard to draw characters holding or interacting with objects while making it look natural... but you did such a good job!! I'll definitely try my best to learn from you!
Really, thank you so much for always sharing these with me. They make me so happy to look at and to read! I almost died from the cute (not to mention the funny). I just love the Elsa Maria Sayaka panel so much. XD I feel like that's totally something that Sayaka (and much of the general population) would do once she saw Ritsu without her headband. Ritsu is seriously sooo cute in the fourth panel! But so innocent XD Well, I think she's very cute either way ;) If she feels more comfortable with the headband, let her wear the headband!!!
And that leads me to my other thing that I was working on for you~ I did my own little comic, which was supposed to be a spin-off/continuation of yours! ^^ i.imgur.com/7an...
I'm really sorry about my art :P But the theme I was going for was... since Ricchan needs a new headband... what about making her wear Azusa's nekomimi ;D??
And here's part 2... i.imgur.com/ZfC... I wanted to draw a more detailed parody of this: mikumin.files.w... with Ricchan, but I didn't want to take any longer with this message so you just get this bad one I drew :P I also wanted to include Mio hiding in a tree, going "...Idiots? -_-;" when she saw them :P
I hope they can make you smile, and do your comics justice!

Oh, and this isn't related to the SnK series, but I also got an idea for another comic with Sayaka and Ritsu, so I drew this: i.imgur.com/xlB...
It has Mami-san from Madoka in it!
I just thought about how much the Madoka girls and K-ON girls seem to like cake... so it's Yui and Ritsu going over to Mami-san's house and eating all her cake... :P

Anyway. You seriously can't call yourself a bad artist ever again! I'll send you to Big Fat Liar Jail if you do! Got it? XD
I think you're much better than me! Honest... Your comics are my favorite ever! ^^ <3

Don't worry! I think at least 80% of my drawings are just drawing the same simple things over and over.... I think that it's best to have a purpose or feeling behind your drawings though, like gags, which is what you said! I'm sorry to hear that you feel stuck T_T From my perspective, I would've never guessed that! You've been drawing so many cute and funny things for me in these messages, and they're all so well done! Really! I think that when it comes to comedy, it can be really hard to keep up the caliber of the jokes and make people think "This is great!" from start to finish, but your humor always makes me smile and laugh, every time. You're really talented... so please promise me you won't give up and keep drawing! (´;ω;`) But at the same time, please don't force yourself to draw if you don't want to and it's not fun. I think that there's a time and place for everything, and sometimes, things like drawing feel more fun when we haven't done them in awhile, or when we feel more inspired and confident. So don't let me stress you out XD

Yeah, that all sounds like so much fun! T_T Thank you very much for your kind wishes, Copic ^^ And I hope that you keep strong relations with your current figure friends, and can make even more in the future.

That sounds pretty dangerous. D: And it sounds like a hassle to ask for a replacement if you do break it! T_T
I noticed many people complaining about the new box style for Miku 2.0. I must say that I too prefer the older style. Plus, I don't collect nearly as many Figmas as you do, so I can only imagine what it's like for you D:
Oh! While we're talking about poseable Mikus, I wanted to tell you! In the end, I got the RAH Miku!! She was quite expensive, but very beautiful! There's no problems with the material of her sleeves and skirt. I only wish that she came with more faces or accessories. (I also wish that maybe I could change her clothes, but right now, I'm afraid to try removing her head and breaking something :P) I'll upload some pictures to my gallery later if you want to see her!

I thought that they should do that, too! The series would probably be even more popular if people knew how versatile they are. But maybe it's more fun for them to keep it a secret until the end. ;) Do you like any of the Graphigs from the newest set? PICTURE #932545 Nurse Rin is my favorite! Oh, and speaking of Vocaloid Kujis, I heard that they're going to do an Autumn Miku figure next!! +_+ I'm very curious what she's going to look like... aren't you?

*shakes head and sighs* That's too impressive, Copic. Too good. It's been over a year and the friend I mentioned before hasn't even watched one second of Shingeki no Kyojin... can you help me tie her to a chair and make her watch it, please? XD
So you must've marathoned it, huh? I always thought the series was best to marathon as well! (Man, I really hope I'm not repeating myself here! XD)

Wow, you have great taste! Thank you for giving me some more songs from the OST to check out. I really enjoyed listening to them!! I have a bad habit of sticking to the same couple of things I like once I find them. I love the instrumental at the beginning of DOA so much! And the lyrics are so cute in my opinion. XD
For some reason, I don't remember Bauklötze too well from the series. And I can't imagine why, because it's a really beautiful song! o_O;; Don't worry, I don't know a lick of German myself, so I don't know how accurate it is, but the singer has a great voice! It's so strong and rich! Thank you for showing me. <3

This is coming to you way too late now, but thank you as well for your kind New Year wishes!! Of course it's not too late! Your kindness never has an expiration date. ^^ I really, really appreciate it, Copic. I'm not sure if I've told you this already (on second thought, I think I have... :P) but you just have such a beautiful way with words! I hope I can be as good as you one day in saying such kind and wonderful things... especially in other languages!!! Your English is really admirable T_T I can't say poop in other languages lol!
If you don't mind me asking, how has this year been faring for you so far? I hope that it's been just great, and that all of your dreams are coming true over there! ^^ Can you believe that it's already July?! Hmphmph! If time keeps flying so quickly, I'm going to be an old lady by the time I get to do half the things I want to do! DX (I'm already old in my mind though XD) But hopefully that hasn't been the case for you ;) We all need to find more time to do the things that we love...

Please don't apologize for anything!
I also hope that you have a great day, that's as wonderful as you are. May everyone in your life always treat you with the love and respect that you well deserve. ^^ <3
And I hope you don't mind if I say it again, but thank you so much for always being such a wonderful friend to me. It truly means the world to me that you have continued to talk with me, much less draw such cute and funny comics to show me, figure photos to give me, and a special drawing for my birthday, and I hope you know that! I'm not just saying that... I'm not the kind of person to do such things. I just feel that you are a very kind and special person. The way you have reached out to me for over four years proves that. Anyone who goes out of their way to be so kind is a really beautiful person. And it's always so fun and nice to have these conversations with you! I will do my best to be an even better friend to you from now on. I'm so sorry that I haven't been that way in the last few years. T_T
Take care, Copic. Please be as kind to yourself every day as you always are to me! And I wish you all the best in your love and life!

P.S. I will send you a PM right after this message. So even if you can't respond to this one soon, please check out the PM when you can, okay? ^^

* I actually got my hair cut shortly after I drew the first picture, so this was another thank you picture for you! So it's also me, just with a different hairstyle :P
4 years ago
http://i58.tinypic.com/35hpixz.gif happy birthday ^^
4 years ago
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
4 years ago
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
You are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
4 years ago
happy birthday !
4 years ago
Happy new year, Copic!!!

I hope that this year has been really kind to you, and that 2014 will be even better in granting you and your loved ones health, happiness, and prosperity. I am so glad to have been able to come back to MFC and talk with you again this year. Thank you for having never forgotten about me and always being such a wonderful friend to me! I hope that one day I will be able to properly repay you for it, but for now please know that you will always have my sincerest gratitude, love, and appreciation. And as you've always said to me in the past (these words so kind I swear I will never forget), in this happy, magical new year, "may the best of your wishes... be the least of what you get. For I wish you the best in everything... that you so well deserve." (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc) ❤❤❤
5 years ago
Wah! Thank you, Copic... I'm really happy that you think it's good!!! (´;ω;`)
And I'm honored to hear that from the master of comics himself. Because I loved your comic so much!!! I don't even know where to start, it's all so perfect and I can't stop laughing whenever I see it haha :P The expressions, poses, script, detail... it's all so funny but I really loved Mio's shadow movement and also Ritsu's hairband getting knocked off OMG! And most impressive of all you got the characters' personality spot-on, I wonder if you're secretly working as a K-ON writer? ;)

Yeah, that's why I love fan art so much! You should definitely try to draw more if drawing is what you enjoy, Copic ^^ I think your art is fantastic, and that you have really great ideas!

That must be nice! I don't have any friends in real life who collect anime figures (well... as far as I know anyway :P). Only you guys on here and so I'm grateful for MFC for letting me meet friends with a similar hobby. I live near one of the most populated areas in America and it's full of pop culture so I'm sure there are many collectors in there (not so sure about locally however), but I still can't say I have anyone I can meet up with in real life. Maybe it will happen one day but for now I'm more than satisfied here!
Thank you for your input and warning me regarding the leatherette! If I do get Miku RAH one day I'll make sure to be careful!
Sorry to hear about the rising Figma price :( Looking at Miku 2.0 (3,700 yen) the price definitely did go up from before, Figma used to be much cheaper (like 2,300 yen)... perhaps they are trying to up the quality or using a more advanced joint system. But from what I heard about Miku 2.0 lots of people are having new problems with her joints. Maybe you can find the newer Figmas for a lower price after release. Fight!

Yes, I saw Volks's promo video floating around but this is the first time I'm watching it with music! I haven't heard this song before, it's really good and works so well with the video (which was also very well done!)
Thank you for the comments on the dolls that I linked!
Yes, I'm sure that many of the Miku DD owners will be getting new outfits for her ^^ Vocaloids have endless outfits :P
Those two dolls you showed me look great together! The pink-haired one looks so good in a high ponytail, I prefer it over her hair down actually ^^ And the expression on the Azone doll is so cute... those glasses just make it even better!!
Look at that second to last photo, Mio looks so small in comparison to the Dollfies :P
And whoever did that custom Ritsu did really good with her face-up! She looks just like the cheerful active Ricchan now ^^

No need to apologize! Waaah that pic with Nyanko Miku, Danboard, and Alpaca is sooo cute! If you had posted it on MFC I would have definitely favorited it. Miku looks so welcome at your home. And her friends in that picture... Copic you are really the #1 Alpaca fan huh...! *_*
Oh, no problem, I'm so glad I could let you know! None of the official pictures show the alternate faces so when I saw this pic in the Nyanko Miku gallery I thought "huh?!?!" If you get any more of the Graphigs all of them should have one extra face! ^^
Here are the extra faces of Christmas, TDA, LAT and LOL Miku. They're so cute I can't even handle it! :P

Whoa! You watched all of the episodes already?!? Actually, it was around two months since my last message so maybe that is enough time... XD But it's funny because I was telling another friend about Shingeki no Kyojin since the summertime and she said she would watch it soon but she hasn't even started the first episode! TOO SLOW!!!
Yeah, I think the OST is really powerful! Do you have a favorite track? Levi's theme, Reluctant Heroes, is really popular and for good reason I think :) Vogel Im Kafig is one of my favorites, if not my favorite. Every time I heard it while watching the show I fell in love. I really love the build-up starting from 3:07, and then at 4:46.

Please don't apologize! I'm really happy to hear from you again, I've been worried if you were doing okay but I remembered that you said that you wouldn't be around as often anymore so I just put my faith in you and waited! You can take as long as you need to respond to me, so please don't worry and only when you have the time and energy, okay? All I hope is that everything over there is going well for you ^^
Thank you very much for your kind wishes. I can't say that I'm doing badly after I receive a message from you! As always, take care Copic! ^^
5 years ago
I hope wherever you are, you are happy and healthy Copic! Thinking of you!! ❤
5 years ago
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