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Hi, I’m Cosmique~! Living away from most of my collection right now. </3 My current obsession is Genshin Impact, and my favorite characters are Xiao and Venti!

my genshin impact 5* heroes
♡ mona
♡ klee
♡ venti
♡ diluc
♡ xiao
♡ qiqi
♡ ayaka


I’ve been collecting figures since 2014, it kicked off when I received my first Nendoroid as a birthday gift from my friends! Ever since then the floodgates opened and I sunk deep into the hobby.

I’d say I’ve only been actively collecting for four-ish years in total, since I fell in and out of the hobby occasionally. But now I’m back in~ ♡ 2021 really screwed up my mental health, but at least being here again brings me some joy!


I currently accept most friend requests with some exceptionsexceptionsDNI if you are sexually attracted to l*li/sh*ta/children/minors or collect figures or goods that depict nude or sexualized children/minors. but some other factors also come into play. If you love Genshin as much as I do, let’s talk and be friends! ♡

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ElusiveShadow Phantom Thief
I 100% agree! It's impossible lol. Each character has their own certain charm, and I've developed a fondness for them all.

I'll admit it - I don't actually have Ganyu, but I truly adore her design and personality! Her presence during the Liyue story was an absolute joy, haha. ;P
I played Genshin Impact a bunch when it first came out last year, but then took a lengthy break and missed all the characters I want now! >_<
Ayaka is a character I really wanted but sadly I had no luck. I'd love to try pulling for Raiden Shogun/Baal, but I'm dedicated to saving my Primogems for a Ganyu rerun (hopefully!)
12 days ago
ElusiveShadow Phantom Thief
It is a super fun game! I find it quite addicting, haha. I can definitely see myself investing in some Genshin Impact scale figures - they look pretty amazing! I also wish to build a collection of them. ;3
I agree, the aesthetic is wonderful. I'm willing to guess that Venti is your favourite character?
Mine would have to be Ganyu, closely followed by Yanfei (so far, as I've only just reached Inazuma).
15 days ago
It really is, the characters are all amazing and there are so many I want to pull! I wish I started playing sooner! Me too, it's always great to meet other fans! Aww thank you! ♡ Yesss rip to our poor wallets and bank accounts tho! ><
20 days ago
Yeah Diona need a lots of HP to have a correct shield. Like 30k seems good . I can't say if it"s enough for azdaha i still not unlocked it xD i don't want to say goodbye to Zhongzhong a second time </3. what kind of artefact/set did you give to her?

I don't have a lot of 5 stars ^^'
i have only 5 :
-Xiao (i've been playing since his banner)
-Diluc C1
-and Baal TODAYY HE HE I'm SO HAPPY i got her with sara (which i got c2) in the same 10 pulls :DD
But i used only Xiao and Zhongli.

Ooh burned out ? Why? écè do you talk about the abyss ?
Personally i don't do the abyss bc i find it very annoying and i don't want to rage xD i just do the 9th and the 10th floor and maybe the 11th when i feel motivated .
Or maybe you talk about artefact drop system which can be demotivating when it's the 3426 time you get a fuc*in' Def% artefact >xO
21 days ago
Hiii omg I just want to say I LOVE your profile, it's so pretty! And Venti, he is a sweetheart I love him sm♡♡ And your figure collection is literally amazing and goals! I'm so excited to see another GI player here, I recently started playing and I'm obsessed ksksks
21 days ago
Are you pulling for Baal? :D
21 days ago
Literally anytime !! Thanks for accepting ~ im also a pretty big Genshin fan!<3333
23 days ago
oh you don't use shield at all? mad respect. now i have discovered Zhongli i can't imagine my game without him ! especially since i play on mobile and i always lag when i need to dodge :,)

If you have Diona ,she is a great support, she protect, she heals and she can be used for cryo resonance . (if not Noelle . everybody has Noelle xD But you have probably already thought about it)

yep electro 5 stars were quite inexistant so thank you inazuma for bringing some to us!
24 days ago
ElusiveShadow Phantom Thief
No problem at all! Thanks for accepting. :3
I see you're a big fan of Genshin Impact as well?
24 days ago
me too! My 4 months savings are ready for my electro queens but the wait is tough urhgh
Yep i think Yae will be in the next update (after 2.1 i mean) with thomas . anyway i really hope we will win the 50/50 ><
yes we have to be patient for this gorgeous boy :,) i think he will not come before the end of 2022 *sob*
For scara many players assume that he will be a catalyst maybe a support, i hope it's true i would love to have a male catalyst in the game! :D But yes ELECTRO SUPREMACY !! give me them ALL! especially hot mamas lmao
25 days ago




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