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F*ck speculator...
Most of my collection is composed of gundam but I collect nendoroid as well. To be honest I'm quite into it right now and aim to collect those of my wishlist but most of them have become really rare... Fortunately for me I have found them near of their original price !
The only ones left are Gilgamesh from Fate Stay and Hakase from Nichijou, I have learned that it's impossible nowadays to find both at decent price that's why my only option is to trade.
Feel free to discuss anything related to figures and anime with me ! ^^

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02 days agoKitKatClaudiaKitKatClaudia
CrissLonekey001 (3 days ago) #24679152Thanks a lot!
You're welcome! I hope you had a lovely day! ^_^
04 days agoPoison_LadyPoison_Lady
Joyeux anniversaire!
05 days agoKitKatClaudiaKitKatClaudia
05 days agoNardenNarden
Joyeux anniversaire!!!
J'espère que tu vas bien :)
01 year agoPoison_LadyPoison_Lady
Joyeux anniversaire!

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