I'm not a doll-- I'm an action figure!
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Ah! Una fan italiana di Evangelion :D

Complimenti per le foto e i disegni sul tuo blog :3
7 years ago
You're welcome ^_^
Daeva8 years ago#2082722Thank you ^o^
8 years ago
Daeva8 years ago#1829439Ti ringrazio!
Che bello, un'altra fan di Rei! E italiana, poi ^_^ <3 !

figurati! °^°
8 years ago
Ottima collezione di rei ayanami *^*
8 years ago
Daeva9 years ago#1579317Here's Fujiki's review BLOG #8832 <3 !

Awesome review, nice figure /o/
9 years ago
Daeva9 years ago#1575786Very cool!
Is it a fanart or some original character :D ..?

Since I suck at fanart, it's always OC xD
9 years ago
Oh and I hope you like my art to XD

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9 years ago
Daeva9 years ago#1573856To be honest, I've never considered to do such a thing XD Consider that before you go you have to book for an hotel, and make a schedule-- Waste one or two days at the airport and you're just wasting the money that you saved for the free ticket... No-no, it's not how I like to do things XD
No, there's no way I can check the internet at work XD I'm usually dealing with passengers or guarding aircrafts x'D
I start working early in the morning (6/7am), though, so usually by 12am I'm at home :3 --Unless there's some delayed flight that forces me to work overtime, of course XD !

Hahaha, well Im in for an adventure, as always xD.

Ah okay, I see how you can combine your days with work and MFC then! I normally worked on office hours, from 8 to 5 :D.

Just also orderd Ignis and Cattleya, now I should stop myself xD
9 years ago
Daeva9 years ago#1573512No, I don't have any kind of discount because I work for a private, not a flight company or the airport itself >_>; !
We can get discounted stand-by tickets, but there's the high chance that you won't depart (or return!) 'cause there are no free seats for you on the chosen flight-- And you're left to camp in the airport 'til there's a flight with seats available XD --That's not the kind of 'adventure' that I like XD

Aah thats a pitty! Ah well, you sure should be able to get a ticket. XD
And it sounds like a risky but awesome adventure, hahaha, hopefully till soon.

Do you check MFC on your job btw?!

9 years ago
Daeva9 years ago#1572463BUT--!
Extreme measures, yeah, like some castrophic event, or an alien invasion, ahahah x'D
Ahah, ok, it'll be a challenge XD !!
Seriously, I'll let you know. The convention is usually held around April, last time it was in Amersfoort-- When I visited it was in Enschede :D

Hahaha, yeah perhaps XD!
But awesome to hear! Ill be there when you are ;). Do you also get discounts on flights because you work at the airport?
9 years ago
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