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Criminal Minds, Downton Abby, The Game of Thrones... As for anime my favourites are Evangelion and Gundam, but I watch anything as long as it doesn't contain moe blobs...
I'm one of those who like to read essays instead of novels XD As for the manga, everything featuring Jojos, delinquents or samurai--
Windows Solitaire, LOL
MOE Point(s)
Ayanaminess, leather, yakuza, yankee, bandages, kimono & yukata, delinquents, martial arts, uniforms of any kind :D°
Rock stuff--


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Ah! Una fan italiana di Evangelion :D

Complimenti per le foto e i disegni sul tuo blog :3
3 years ago
You're welcome ^_^
Daeva (3 years ago) #2082722Thank you ^o^
3 years ago
Daeva (4 years ago) #1829439Ti ringrazio!
Che bello, un'altra fan di Rei! E italiana, poi ^_^ <3 !

figurati! °^°
4 years ago
Ottima collezione di rei ayanami *^*
4 years ago
Daeva (4 years ago) #1579317Here's Fujiki's review blog/8832 <3 !

Awesome review, nice figure /o/
4 years ago
Daeva (4 years ago) #1575786Very cool!
Is it a fanart or some original character :D ..?

Since I suck at fanart, it's always OC xD
4 years ago
Oh and I hope you like my art to XD

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4 years ago
Daeva (4 years ago) #1573856To be honest, I've never considered to do such a thing XD Consider that before you go you have to book for an hotel, and make a schedule-- Waste one or two days at the airport and you're just wasting the money that you saved for the free ticket... No-no, it's not how I like to do things XD
No, there's no way I can check the internet at work XD I'm usually dealing with passengers or guarding aircrafts x'D
I start working early in the morning (6/7am), though, so usually by 12am I'm at home :3 --Unless there's some delayed flight that forces me to work overtime, of course XD !

Hahaha, well Im in for an adventure, as always xD.

Ah okay, I see how you can combine your days with work and MFC then! I normally worked on office hours, from 8 to 5 :D.

Just also orderd Ignis and Cattleya, now I should stop myself xD
4 years ago
Daeva (4 years ago) #1573512No, I don't have any kind of discount because I work for a private, not a flight company or the airport itself >_>; !
We can get discounted stand-by tickets, but there's the high chance that you won't depart (or return!) 'cause there are no free seats for you on the chosen flight-- And you're left to camp in the airport 'til there's a flight with seats available XD --That's not the kind of 'adventure' that I like XD

Aah thats a pitty! Ah well, you sure should be able to get a ticket. XD
And it sounds like a risky but awesome adventure, hahaha, hopefully till soon.

Do you check MFC on your job btw?!

4 years ago
Daeva (4 years ago) #1572463BUT--!
Extreme measures, yeah, like some castrophic event, or an alien invasion, ahahah x'D
Ahah, ok, it'll be a challenge XD !!
Seriously, I'll let you know. The convention is usually held around April, last time it was in Amersfoort-- When I visited it was in Enschede :D

Hahaha, yeah perhaps XD!
But awesome to hear! Ill be there when you are ;). Do you also get discounts on flights because you work at the airport?
4 years ago
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