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Is this where I'm supposed to write something witty and entertaining to win over
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genki, happy go lucky school girl in the pursuit of love and free cake?


About me ~ I'm just a casual figure collector who is obsessed with anything kawaii and pink (´。• ᵕ •。`)



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Daichukiyo2 years ago#26547071Hi there! I know that artist, I follow their artwork on pixiv and I must say that I love their artwork too ^^ I did a few searches around on mandarake, melon books, BOOTH (where pixiv artists can sell their goods) and yahoo auctions and unfortunately I cannot find anything, sorry. ;-; I saw on their pixiv that they attended the last comic festival in August and if you're lucky, someone who bought a doujinshi and has read it might put it up for sale on yahoo auctions (you'll need a proxy to purchase this though) :) However, my best guess would be to just keep checking Surugaya frequently as they get new stock every day and it could pop up one day. ^-^ The artist could be going to the next comic market in December and you could pay a proxy to go to the event and get it for you, however this may get quiet costly.
Here is the artist's pixiv page incase you don't already have it, they will probably announce whether they are attending the next comic market on there as well as what doujinshi's they will be selling there :) www.pixiv.net/m...
Sorry I can't be of much help, if I ever see those doujinshi for sale I will let you know ^^

Thank you so much for your response!! I'm so sorry for the extremely late reply orz I was a bit busy doing real life things and this slipped my mind ><"

I checked Suruga-ya today and it looks like they added one of the artist's new doujinshi. Unfortunately, it had already been sold by the time I saw it T_T oh well, better luck next time!

Oh I didn't know proxies could go to events for you! I've never used that type of proxy before so I'll definitely be doing some research on them. Thanks for letting me know, I might just go that route ^^ I really want to get my hands on that artist's doujinshi lol. Their artwork is just too lovely!

Ahh no need to apologize, the info you gave me is very helpful! ^^ Thank you again, I really appreciate your advice and that you took the time to do a search for me! (*ˊᗜˋ*)/ᵗᑋᵃᐢᵏ ᵞᵒᵘ*
2 years ago
Hi there! I was wondering if you know of Tsubakinoniwa twitter.com/tsu... and their works. I've been trying to find their PMMM doujinshi for months without success ;_; There were 2 on Suruga-ya before but they're sold out now. www.suruga-ya.j... Have you ever come across them? Please let me know if you have ^^ Thanks for reading!
2 years ago
I just wanted to say thank you for adding all those MadoHomu doujins!! I ordered a bunch from Suruga-ya recently and now I'm able to keep track of them. Plus I'll which ones I'm missing and need to buy haha.
3 years ago
Daichukiyo3 years ago#22337525Wow, you have such an amazing collection! *0* (Don't mind me, just stumbling by, haha) ^-^ Madoka and Hanayo are also two of my favourite characters haha! >< I take it that Riko is your best Sunshine girl? ^^

Aww thanks <3 You have lots of cute stuff too, I'm jealous of your PJ Pana Neso~ Yep, Riko is my favourite from Aqours! Who's your favourite Aqours girl?
3 years ago
Daichukiyo3 years ago#22182842Welcome to MFC! ^^ I see that you like love live too! Who is your best girl? :)

Hi, thanks for the welcome! ^^ I do indeed! My best girl is Umi. ♥ Who's yours?
3 years ago
Daichukiyo3 years ago#19706206Welcome to MFC! ^^ Wow, you have an amazing collection, I'm jealous haha! ><

Thank you, your collection is quite impressive too! It's nice to see other Australians on here collecting figures.
3 years ago
looks like your a fellow Australian fufu~ I didn't even notice at first!
lets be friends? I am glad you like hanayo too, I already have a friend that loves hanayo but he doesn't want all her merchandise LOL, not a die hard collector as I. However his very cute with hanayo ^^
I'm in Melbourne VIC, are you also in Victoria or are you somewhere else?
3 years ago
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3 years ago
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