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01 year agoalec311alec311
Pre order sakura gsc as ur own bday present?
02 years agoLikemike55Likemike55
Hey Hey!
I'd say Alphamax's Violet Mode Sakuya is pretty good quality and would be almost comparable to Max Factory's level of detail and quality. I think the sculpturing of the body, costume and weapon all look very good and I can't find any obvious paint mistake or defects. I also have Kotobukiya's Maxima/Sakuya item #42379 and Alphamax's is definitely of much better quality in paint quality and sculpturing. My only complaint would be she does wobble a bit as she's only attached to the base with one leg. Other than that I'm very happy with how she turned out.

Dark_Raven666 (2 years ago) #2482198Hey there! Just noticed you have the Violet Mode Sakuya from Shining Ark. What's the quality of that figure like? I've got 3 Sakuya figures on order, and will likely order that one eventually, assuming it's good.
02 years agofisty123fisty123
Dark_Raven666 (2 years ago) #2416498Your 'ordered' list isn't very up to date :p

Neither is my owned list, I have a large amount of updates that I need to do which I am trying to plan on doing this weekend Maybe...
02 years agoLikemike55Likemike55
Dark_Raven666 (2 years ago) #2351119G'day (from the island down under :p)! Nice collection, I'm envious of your Angel Beats! and K-On! collections (I really want to get the full Alter band for K-On!). Nice to see a fellow To Love-Ru fan too.

Hi there my fellow Aussie!
Cheers! The Angel Beats figures are probably the most favourite (and hardest to obtain xO) in my collection at the moment! The K-On! band is definitely a set worth getting, The detail on the instruments is just amazing! I see you're also a Madoka fan, that series is the next on my list of figures to buy for :)

I see we both watch many of the same Animes and collect the same figures so I've sent a friend Request :)
02 years agoKitOsbornKitOsborn
Dark_Raven666 (2 years ago) #2348273No, of course not. Though if I was to get them I'd likely get at least two at a time, so I could replace one of my shelves (my shelves are about twice as wide as one of those glass cabinets). If I got just one then I'd have no where to put it. I'll likely be more inclined to get them when I'm no longer living at home however.
Oh and given you're a fan of PMMM, you might like this item (just popped up on AmiAmi an hour ago):
item #248647

I got mine after I moved out too; definitely worth it if you have the money.
The clock does look good, but I'm a bit tight for money and there are other things I want more at the moment (like new shelves).

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