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Hello! My name is Valerie and I love collecting old-ish, pre-2010 figures (with exceptions of course) along with small trading figures.
Currently obsessing over old polystone/coldcast figures, clowns, Waddle Dee, and EruRi! _(:3」∠)

Orders not on MFC:
I have an AS account just in case MFC explodes.Tumblr



Thank you so much for all the suggestions for my group!! I’ll get them added ASAP! ^^
1 day ago
oh no, i’m really sorry to hear that D: hopefully you’re able to find another prepainted version soon!
8 days ago
oh oops, really sorry about that! i thought you were still looking so i figured i’d help out, glad to hear you got the prepainted tho! ^^
8 days ago
hey, i saw your comment on the osaka and chiyo garage kit and just wanted to tell you about an eBay listing for it! ^^ www.ebay.com/it... accidentally posted the same comment on the item so apologies if you’ve already seen it lol >.> but hope this helped out!
8 days ago
niisan Nii-san Ultimate
Thank you ahh! It's always a little embarrassing when people remember me from Tumblr because I was such a vulnerable teen there heheheh..... I've been getting a bunch of comments lately, is one of my pictures circulating or something? :o
12 days ago
Thank you!!
1 month ago
of course!! tysm as well, nico power!
1 month ago
awesome collection!
1 month ago
i didn't know that i could write anything i want under diary lol.
1 month ago
I thought it was bizarre that a figure sight allows completely nonrelated articles to stay up, but my figure buying article got removed.
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1 month ago
Import from Japan


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