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«I was told there was some booty around here.»
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Anohana, Oreimo, Haganai, Yowamushi, Kill La Kill
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Dark Skin with White Hair, Cat/Bunnygirls, Twintails, Oppai/DFC
Galaxy Note 3


Happy Birthday to you!! Hope you have a fantastic day filled with cake and waifus!!


┌iii┐ ε-(・ε・´) フ
1 year ago
Defektion (3 years ago) #3202168Only 26 ʕ • ₒ • ʔ Thats still impressive! You have real love for the waifu! Is it possible to get a picture or your Yui shrine on TFC? I need to gaze at all that amazingness. I pretty much stopped right now on figures for the time being because life is kicking my butt right now and i was also running out of space. Im almost about to drown in pvc! hehe
Sure! I was planning to make a Yui update soon when I go back to my hometown for a small vacation. I go to university in a different city so I spend too much time apart from my figures. ( T___T ) Sighhh... I also wanted to get a detolf just for my waifu figures for a long time... maybe this year is the one!!!

I am feeling you when it comes to both space and money issues. It is really hard when it comes down to that. Ganbatte Steve-san!!! A collecting hiatus is nothing if you love your pvc babes!

3 years ago
Waaaaah, I'm not sure if you want a used one, but you missed out. A user here was selling her 10 days ago...and now she's goneeeeeee. I'll keep an eye out for you, buddy!
3 years ago
Defektion (3 years ago) #3201504http://media3.giphy.com/media/UsUMiFnsSfdSg/giphy.gif
Come at me
On another note I didnt know you had ITEM #28128.
Much jelly.

That's cute...not. I hate Griffith >:(

Yea, she's one of my precioussssssss! She used to be so cheap like a year ago, $75-ish, because ppl apparently thought her ass looked like a grandma's - like WTF? Are you losers on Molly? It was Rei who went for around $150+, especially her second version.
3 years ago
Defektion (3 years ago) #3201356Hello Nico-chan!! Smug Frau is best Frau hehe.
Found you through our great overlord Mika!
Soooo many Yui figures you have :o

Huehuehue Yui-chan is my one and only waifu!!! I love her too much!!! I only have 26 Yuis at the moment but I need around 15 more. Then I will be pretty much satisfied with my waifu army. My K-On collection is quite incomplete at the moment because I am taking it slow. Low funds...


Your collection is full of sexy ladies!!! Sugoooooi!!! It is an oppai wonderland!!! Huhuhu! *wink wink* ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
3 years ago
Defektion (3 years ago) #3201404$&@!
3 years ago
Defektion (3 years ago) #3201350I have Nekomimi insurance, think about the Nekomimis !!

That's not even a comprehensive coverage...I give up. You're hopeless...
3 years ago
Steeeeeeeve!!!! Sankyu for the FR!!! I realized who you are from the minimum censoring/ oppai instagram! Huehuehuehue! Good job!! *wink wink*

3 years ago
Defektion (3 years ago) #3188007What have khakis done to you?!?! huh? tell me. It so happens i give the best insurances 'round this part of town!
Khakis are the worst! And what kind of insurance?! The oppai kind?!
3 years ago
I thought this was Steve from State Farm and I'm like, hellz nooooooo! Ain't friending a guy who wears khakis! But then I saw all the oppai and it all makes sense now...
3 years ago
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