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sales on hold due to staying home during covid19! sorry!!
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Your inbox is full please empty it and PM me im interested in buying from you
5 days ago
Seriously interested in buying the Mirai Kuriyama and other figures from you.
Let me know!
20 days ago
Hey your inbox is full and I was wondering if I can get the Mirai Kuriyama figure off of you!
1 month ago
Intrested in buying kenma from you!
1 month ago
I understand you're staying home due to COVID but if you have any information I'd greatly appreciate it! I noticed that you own the Mikan Tsumiki set 1 figure and was interested in knowing if you're willing to sell her. Thanks for your time!
1 month ago
Hey your inbox was full but I was wondering if you're still selling your Shujinkou figma because I'm interested in buy it.
1 month ago
Hi, your inbox is full but I want to know if you still have for sale your Shinji and kaworu figures. Thanks :)
1 month ago
ur inbox is full so i cannot reply regarding your panty stocking purchase
1 month ago
ultimategyaru sho kyute
Hi, your inbox is full but I was seeing if you still have your Yu Narukami figma. Thanks :)
2 months ago
Hi, not sure if my PM went through but I was interested in your Kenma figure :)
2 months ago
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