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Not much to tell really other than I collect figures and I'm proud of my collection I felt like showing them off. I got into collecting them around the time resident evil came out then slowly with street fighter and Tekken and so forth.
Kill La Kill,Queens Blade,MadokaMagica,Fate/Stay night and Zero
Resident evil,Tekken,Street fighter,King Of Fighters
Cannibal Corps,WhiteChaple,Suicide Silence,Chelsea grin and much more


DevilTeeth (3 years ago) #2818902
Why yes I do and I love fighting games and I still play sf4 to this day as well as the older ones and your pics look great to me haven't had time to take photos of all of mine yet only took one of my lottoys price siggy 2p color and I may just buy her from you where are you selling her at?

Ah! So you're playing Ultra? Who's your main? Mine was Boxer. Do you pay attention to the FGC at all? or follow the Capcom Cup? I mainly play Marvel vs Capcom now.

Are you asking about where the item is located? It'll be shipping from California.
3 years ago
DevilTeeth (3 years ago) #2818588Yes Satsuki is my fav klk charater as well and I sent you a fr because I really do like your photos and I was also looking and I saw you had a siggy for sale and I'm a huge fan of queens blade and I was wondering how much you was selin jeer for.
Well thanks! Mostly pics of my Dollfies and haven't posted anything new in a while. I never like how the photos turn out. Lighting looks terrible in all of them. lol

Ah yes! I do have Siggy for sale. SALE #69927 My asking price is $100 USD. Free shipping within the US.

I see you like fighting games! I love street fighter. I used to play vanilla SF4 alot alot. Put 100+ hours playing online. Now I mainly just watch the tournament streams. High level competitive play is so fun to watch.

You have a balanced taste. You got the cute Madoka Magicka then you got your badass hype KLK then fanservice Queen's Blade. Always nice to meet a person who doesn't shy away from T&A. :3
3 years ago
DevilTeeth (3 years ago) #2817264Well my name is Bailey and it is nice to meet YA! Also how are YA doing? Good I hope:v)
Hi Bailey! I'm Jesse~ I'm doing great. How about yourself? :D

I see Satsuki is your avy. Satsuki is my favorite KLK character! You probably saw that on the background picture in my profile.

I just wanted to have a few words of exchange before accepting your Friend Request. lol Now that we've exchanged words... thank you for the FR! Was there something that made you want to send me a FR or are you just sending FR to random individuals? xD
3 years ago
To whom do I owe the pleasure? ^_^
3 years ago
DevilTeeth (3 years ago) #2748855they are I paid 270 for her and be careful some Peties are bootlegs even from well known sources bought kill la kill Petit's turned out be bootlegs and got them from aniani
I'm maybe buying a Darker Than Black RAH for 275. He's worth it though!

I've been lucky, I have no bootlegs in my collection. I usually buy from Hobbylink JP, as I've heard stories about Amiami. They have so many great products though.
3 years ago
DevilTeeth (3 years ago) #2738475I have a few trading figures I would have gotton more but I pre orders Satsuki from kill la kill a real action heros figure and it wasn't cheap lol but trading figures are nice Petit's are another one of my favorite mini figures.
Ooh yes, RAH figures are top dollar, as I've seen. xD Hope it gets to you soon!

I love Nendoroid petits! I actually like them more than Nendoroids, as I have trouble standing and posing them...
3 years ago
DevilTeeth (3 years ago) #2738132im happy to hear that and I am looking at your collection and I got to say I like it!!
Thank you! ^ ^~ I have a lot of trading figures, but I am going to start honing in on getting the scales I really want. ^ ^ I prefer scales, but trading figures are very cute. > v<
3 years ago
DevilTeeth (3 years ago) #2738115not yet but I will soon I hope by tonight
I look forward to seeing it! c:
3 years ago
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
3 years ago
DevilTeeth (3 years ago) #2738060im not new to collecting but I am still growing on my collection and I feel the same way!
Do you have your collection all up on MFC? I see you have some nice scales. ^w^
3 years ago
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