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I'm a student in Northern Ireland of the United Kingdom, I study software Engineering and am currently doing my one year work placement.

I'd like to go to Japan for a year on the JET program once I graduate, if you've been on the JET program feel free to contact me about it.
One Piece, The Simpsons, HIMYM
Harry Potter, One Piece, The God Delusion
Heroes of Newerth
Michael Jackson, Queen, Tiny Tim, Lady Gaga
A pretty good one


I don't use this site much anymore, I don't buy any new figures because I literally have so many I've nowhere to put them!

But I'm still about if anyone wants to message me, I will get it lol
4 years ago
Duomaxwe (5 years ago) #1543375lol hey I'm still around, just been busy since I got a job in January this year!
I haven't seen much of the new POPs, they weren't figures I usually bought I tended to get the smaller One Piece ones!
POP's are usually impressive though so I'm sure they're good : p

Be sure to get some bro! The 2013-ies are the next step in the right direction. I can't wait till they get it manga-right with all kinds of posses.

The Beast Mode Rob Lucci is amazing imho. A must get. However the fans of the old skool also get what they want!
5 years ago
Duomaxwe (5 years ago) #1529411Oh hi
lol hi
5 years ago
Bro! Still among the living?

Would love to know your opinion on the new POP spoils. Let me know which one is your fav!
Are you also still collecting?

5 years ago
To answer your question on the Robot Damashii Sandrock page:

RD Sandrock is being made to go with the already released RD Wing Zero (ITEM #100728) and also up for preorder RD Altron (ITEM #103824). There's a prototype of Epyon made already (ITEM #118518), and speculation is that they will also make Heavyarms and Deathscythe Hell, rounding out every upgraded Gundam from Wing.

They also have one of the ground Leos (ITEM #103894) and a weapons set for it (ITEM #107042) coming out next month. Ah, it feels really good to have five TV Gundam Wing suits already made (not counting Talgeese 2, because he's exclusive and I'm poor).
6 years ago
Duomaxwe (6 years ago) #977307No I've seen the previous 3 series and some movies which don't have tits.
I see I see. You watching anything this season besides F/Z and Lupin?
6 years ago
Duomaxwe (6 years ago) #976954What made you interested in that anime? ;)
Lupin. Please don't tell me you only watched it for the tits
6 years ago
Duomaxwe (6 years ago) #976662Yeah so I noticed ;)

Have you seen it too?

Yeah I was watching ep 10 last night but my computer went all weird and shut down.
6 years ago
Duomaxwe (6 years ago) #974750I've been pretty busy lately so I haven't watched much, one thing I mean to watch is the new Lupin anime that came out.

I only saw the first episode of it so far though ;)

You'll like it, theres Fujiko boobs every episode.
6 years ago
pls respond
6 years ago
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