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I have been trying to collect more stuff since I was a kid but never was really able to do it much more till I was older. My biggest collection is my Wario shelf. Kind of running out of space but hey thats a good thing right :P Aside from that I really like collecting mostly video game merchandise. Mario, Zelda, Sonic and indie stuff. Alongside a handful of kaiju stuff. I've been visiting this site forever decided to finally join.


Oh I have too many plushies lol, I try to focus more on figures these days but I can’t resist a cute plushie. x_x For Wario I only have the two newer ones but I love them, I’d like to get some of the older Wario plushies too!
11 months ago
I feel that so much, it’s so hard to make space for games and figures! I had to get more shelves when I got into this hobby lol. I wish I had a bigger shelf for my Sonic collection because I love him too!
11 months ago
Amazing Wario collection!!
11 months ago
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11 months ago
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


Star Trek, Animated shows in general cartoons/anime, Scrubs, Mr. Robot, lucha libre, too many to name fully honestly. I'll watch any genre of movie and show.
Do comics count in this section? I mostly love re-reading my old stuff like Hellboy, Punisher and the Fables comics. I also like spider-man and the IDW sonic comics. Aside from that I've only really read Zelda manga and a smattering of random books.
Platforming, Action, ARPG/RPG/JRPG, Adventure and Point & Clicks most of all
MOE Point(s)
Wario, Sonic, Mario, Bomberman, Rayman, Olimar and the little knight from Hollow Knight
Honestly anything but im partial to Folk and Classic Rock. My taste is a little too broad. Cant tell if its a good or bad thing :P