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01 year agoAutumnLinnetAutumnLinnet Tree Spirit
Ebonwing (1 year ago) #4723539Does playing it badly count? I'm not all that good, hahah. I'm an adult beginner and I don't practice enough.
Of course it counts; everyone starts somewhere. :)
01 year agoAutumnLinnetAutumnLinnet Tree Spirit
Ebonwing (1 year ago) #4723526Thank you so much! What a cool looking Wingul!
It'll be a bit busy with college and violin lessons, but it'll be nice anyway. :)

You're most welcome! That's good to hear, and it's so cool you play the violin! (it's my favourite musical instrument) ;u;
01 year agoAutumnLinnetAutumnLinnet Tree Spirit

I hope you have a great one!
02 years agoNaoto-chanNaoto-chan 一リッカ
Ebonwing (2 years ago) #3411254I'm also forever sad that the ToX1 Gaius strap was an exclusive. It's lovely, but that price tag...
Oh, I agree. Kaiji Tang did SUCH a great job. Unless you mean the Japanese one which I'm not so familiar with...
Which other Tales games did you play?

I cried at Gaius' price tag now. I'm dying to get his straps actually but can't seem to find a cheap one for it. D:
I'm referring to the English one so I really applaud Kaiji Tang for doing such a great job! Even Gaius' voice is perfect for him! X'DD
I've played Tales of Vesperia, Abyss, Xillia, Xillia 2, Graces f, Legendia, Symphonia, Symphonia Dawn, Innocence R and Hearts R. :D
02 years agoTakeTake Virile Insatiable Beast
Ebonwing (2 years ago) #3416528Oh! I'm sorry, that was unintentional. I wanted to edit the cropped images, apparently that also reverted your changes... Maybe we edited at the same time. Sorry again and thanks for telling me what I missed, I'll remember the next time. I'll leave the editing bsck again to you if that's okay, so the same doesn't happen again.
It's okay don't worry ^_^ I assumed it was probably something like that, but I wanted to ask you anyway to make sure, in case I missed an information or something. Thanks for adding them ^_^ If you have any question about adding Tales items or items in general, feel free to ask me :)
I review each Tales entry in order to link them to the Tales club anyway, so I'll be glad to help you if needed.

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