The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.
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6 years ago
Hi xD your collection is cool. And, another Gintama fan yay. xD
6 years ago
Eredita7 years ago#1648861Z character design is magic for eyes, but I love black official suits too and strong world character design is present for me in this my passion.
And about chess, they are at home finally. They are small, but careful and intresting, I fell in love with Luffy on king throne with sword. I would like this Luffy 1/8 size. Usopp is my first one piece chess, I bought he not in set and he impressed me, therefore I collect one piece chess now, next I wish chess vol.3)))

While I like the One Piece kids in suits I think it isn't half as cool as it could have been. For some reason all characters have guns for a while and that simply doesn't match most of the characters, Luffy and Zoro both have different ways of fighting. Oda should know better than to draw them with guns. In Z it's like they took this into account and also made their costumes more unique. I like that much more!

Nice to hear your so happy with the pieces! Do you have some real life shots of them?
7 years ago
Eredita7 years ago#1592585I am not ardent fan of 100% conformity, perhaps I like some improvisation, for example gintama petit, maid ver. or code geass in wonderland. I really love anime/manga image of characters, but I love the same way (for One Piece) figures from Strong Edition series, Film Z series. imho.:))
Wow, I missed a lot, thanks for info. Well, maybe Megahouse keep in mind that cases. For us it would be very good. I decided who next. I buy Chess Piece Collection R One Piece Vol.2

Same here, I like the way certain artists make sculpts a certain way. Perhaps not 100% true to the manga but often a nice 3d version nontheless. And the Z character design is great! I have to say it's way better than any previous movies to.

Again great choice on the chess pieces! Let me know how awesome they are irl :D.
7 years ago
Eredita7 years ago#1588195I completly agree about Megahouse brand, I like good materials and paint, maybe size 24cm (more to love), but all this is important when form/figure is amazing. By the way Bandai materials and paint not so bad for claim and in comparison with Megahouse. Their chances are equal in fans hearts.
I missed Mihawk too, almost missed, I pre-order he at a higher price. I've been waiting he a long while exactly like ver.2. It seems I am the one who don`t know what happend with Vivi last POP, I think figures aren`t my hobby at that moment. 4 years ago I only wanted Zoro child figure, but insensibly now I want all Mugivara team and some other One Piece characters. About Vivi, she is not question of life or dead for me. I like beautiful One Piece girls and if her coloring is very good, why not.
I really understand you: who should get next and I wish and hope that you`ll buy your Mihawk.:)))

I fully agree, both MH and Bandai do a great job. In most cases the sculpt is more true to the anime/manga in Bandai's case. MegaHouse gives the sculpters more options but the result is a figure thats not 100% manga accurate, sometimes even off.

Oh okay, well Mihawk v.2 is just epic, well worth any amount your willing to pay. He's just spot on if I compare the pictures to his latest art. I really will buy him somewhere in the future :D.

Well the original Vivi is one of the most expensive POPs, the ones who are more expensive (as far as I know) are Carue and Bellemere. These 3 where really limited produced and not popular. Now they are nowhere to be found for a good price. Im looking forward how she looks painted. If it's any good Ill pick her up.

7 years ago
Eredita7 years ago#1586727I enjoy stay here, you do it for me, thank you very much!:)) Again thanks for nice words about my english.)
Yes, Shanks in Marinford with mugiwara boshi is amazing.♥ Expensive and big, Shanks from Bandai less than a half the One Piece figures from Megahouse, that`s surprise for me.:)) I want Mihawk ver.2 and Vivi from Megahouse, but their pre-order are a little madness.:D) I like One Piece chess from Megahouse, Shirahoshi from Banpresto and Chopper from Bandai, so much wish, I have to think about my next buy. :D))

Yeah awesome! Always nice to hear.
Megahouse is known for their high prices, granted they use nice materials and paint aps but the overall sculpt/figure isn't always better than Bandai's so in short one pays for the popularity of the MegaHouse brand.

Hope youll succeed on Mihawk and Vivi, I want Mihawk but missed the pre-order, guess Ill try and make up for that on the second release :P. Dont really feel the need for Vivi but might get her, since we all know what happend with her last POP and her price xD.

If you decided lemme know what your buy will be :D. I still don't know which SA Strawhat I should get next!

7 years ago
Eredita7 years ago#1585777Thanks for welcome!)
sweet sweet thanks for your nice words about collection and One Piece.
No, I didn`t pre-order Shanks from Megahouse. I decided to go to the experiment, Shanks from Bandai in my collection and Shanks from Megahouse: their image similar and I bought Shanks from Bandai, he is my first figure from Bandai. It was interesting experience.
p.s. sorry for my bad english.

Always welcome :D! Again I hope you will enjoy your stay here. Your English is good enough so youll manage here :D.
I like your choices regarding Shanks! I think he looks awesome from both compagnies but MegaHouse always is a bit more expensive. What are your next One Piece buys?

7 years ago
Welcome to MFC!

Love your collection so far, any One Piece fan is someone I can talk with :D.

Did you also Pre-order Shanks from MegaHouse? Would love to know.

7 years ago
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
7 years ago
The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.


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