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"On that day, MFCers received a grim reminder."

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03 months agoanimelover2dayanimelover2day
Your inbox was full.

Thank you! I should be able to ship your package either tomorrow or Wednesday. :)
06 months agoseniordanseniordan Agent Provocateur
ErenJager (6 months ago)OH my gosh sounds like you're having an adventure
uni, tokyo, etc
I lost my interest in Ereri LOL but I still like Eren I guess I will have to wait for Season 2 of the Anime. ^^ I still love Persona! I can't wait for Persona 5!!! I wonder who will end up being my favorite character? Watch me binge on one character LOL. Yeah I still like Dmmd but it seems so dead now. I kinda hope for another game for dmmd. I did get the statue from Native though!

BTW I feel like you might like BokuGirl oAo it's a really good genderbend manga..... any manga/anime you recommend nowadays?

I tried getting into YOI but it wasn't really my thing but I do love all the Merch that is coming out for them! It seems like the character I would like is Yurio but like I said I only watched like 5 episodes yet couldn't get into it. Maybe I will try again :3

I tend to forgot to reply when using PM so I might as well move our convo to comment so I can track it easily!

Ahahaha I'm exactly the same case here! I think I'm still clinging to the idea that I love Eren but I don't think I'll ever obsess over him like before ; A ; I mean not even S2 announcement get me hyped.

Glad you're still into Persona though!! I do have the Japanese copy with me already but I feel like if I've played the JPN version first I won't enjoy the ENG ver as much so I'm waiting for the ENG release too! I'm always a sucker for protagonist so I'll probably fell for him first ahaha! Though I'm really curios about the guys with Kitsune mask and... I think I'm gonna fall in love with all the girls again.

Seems like the popularity for Dmmd is still going strong though. I think last Wonfes OR announced a new Aoba scale? ohhh you got the Native one! I ordered that too but I ended up selling it since I want to focus only on YOI and Raita girls. Did you like how he turned out?

Ah! I think Native made a figure from that series? I'm quite curious about the manga before but if you say it's good then It's definitely on my to-read list!
I only watched 2 anime last year (BokuMachi and YOI) and I don't ready any manga lol (well except for this one BL manga called Gourmet no Fukurami). If you like mystery/thriller anime I'd definitely recommend Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (BokuMachi)!! It's sooo good, and though a lot of people feel disappointed by the ending, I for one absolutely love it! The main character, Satoru is my current favourite boy <33

Sometimes I wish I didn't fell into YOI so much because the merchandise is draining my wallet at alarming rate _(:3 」∠)_ Yurio is such an amazing character! If you ever decided to continue it I think you'll like him even more ahaha
06 months agoangelbottangelbott
Your collection is cool! xDD
06 months agoangelbottangelbott
ErenJager (6 months ago) #18534679your inbox is full
tried pming you

I cleaned it. c:
07 months agoGalaxiaGalaxia
Payment sent! Sorry about that.

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