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thank you so much!!! pink is my fave color and i am lucky that my fave love live gal matches well with it :) the black and blue of your profile is very lovely! im unfamiliar with the character but it looks good
22 days ago
Thank you :)
I'm glad you like them.
23 days ago
All must know of the sacred texts. XD

Nah the real god here is my boy Demogod Dan who is 100x the cultured god I could ever hope to be.

Also Misaki Kurehito? Piromizu? Great taste!
1 month ago
Hello FALprofessional

We will be able to see the results of the statistics you are collating?
I'd be curious to see what your results are.

Had a quick look at your MFC page. Noticed some pics of glasses wearing girls.
Can you tell me who they are?

Cheers, momo-san
1 month ago
Haha well they couldn't be more different in the looks department right? :P

Idk if you look at how the designs are affected by the actual ship's history, but the part I thought was interesting (yet very cringe as well due to certain visuals) was the design of AL's Taihou in relation to...Albacore (the sub that sunk Taihou). If you Google image "Albacore azur lane", be prepared to be shocked and not amazed xD cause it's a direct nod towards lolis being superior in the eyes of the developers.

The deck is translated to boob size in AL, and with Taihou's seemingly impressive deck turning out to be useless / detrimental later on, this in turn is also a burn from the devs towards big tiddies. In Taihou's intimacy dialog in-game, you can also see Albacore taking constant jabs at her 'useless boobs' while being all proud and shiz of herself lol. Meanwhile though, Taihou has the most daki covers printed out of all characters while I'm not sure if Alba even has a single one so who's having the last laugh here huh xD (not my wallet, that's for sure)
1 month ago
I have High Blood Pressure so I gotta chill or it's not pleasant.

If you've ever dealt with High Blood Pressure you know it's not fun at all.

Living in a Stressful Home that I'm pretty much stuck in doesn't help so I do all I can to stay as chilled out as I can and escape mentally that's how I've kept myself sane.

I'm also playing Muv Luv Photonmelodies and Muv Luv Photon Flowers, started on MuvLuv Adoration after playing through Altered Fable I just love there are a lot of good side stories in MuvLuv that's part of why I love it even though my love for MuvLuv came from the Mecha/Pilot Designs/Characters so it's been one of my favs for a long time.

Was surprised they didn't adapt MuvLuv Extra maybe we'll get an MuvLuv Altered Fable Adaptation which would be great to follow up Alternative since that was an emotional roller coaster.

Been binging more of That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime S2 Part 2 so almost caught up with that series and now gotta watch the latest episode of Welcome to Demon School Iruma Kun S2 I love that series it's pretty funny.

About finished with Mayo Chiki and still need to watch more of Lord Marksman and the Vanadis....So much Anime to watch never enough time.
1 month ago
I love MuvLuv mainly for some of the silliness of it and I loved Extra and Alternative's Story was Great that sucked me in I like that type of story that with the long episodes that were about an hour in the game it helped to get me through most of last year being stuck at home so was a great thing to help pass the time.

Looking forward to the MuvLuv Anime that's coming!

Gundam was my first main Mecha series then I got into Super Robot Wars and Macross Plus was my first introduction to Macross then Frontier got me sucked into that.

Mecha Anime is my main thing these days but I want more funny and comedy Anime to watch so at the moment just jumping around checking out what piques my interest and chilling out watching Anime and Scifi.

Getting ready to start a Classic Battlestar Galactica Rewatch and gotta get back to rewatching Babylon 5 and will probably watch SeaQuest DSV again.

I'm at that point I just want to chill and binge shows and not think about any of the madness in our world and be as chilled out as I can possibly be.
1 month ago
Well I'm also a Star Wars fan.

I just spend more time stuck in a Trek Rewatch Loop.

I watch Trek during the week, watch Anime during the night when I can't sleep and watch Anime on the Weekends.

At the moment Yamato's my focus since I just started up a rewatch of that typically Gundam is my main focus for Anime but right now looking for other series to watch.

Lots of great Scifi Anime out there to check out plus the new ongoing Anime series.

Trek's my main thing, Star Wars is my secondary thing.
1 month ago
Thank you for the welcome! For some reason I can't seem to have a hobby I don't immediately go ham on (Magic: The Gathering/10k+ cards, Board Games/ 70+ games, Long distance hiking/ $1500 in gear)....so I fear this hobby like no other, heck, I just bought the $190 Spice and Wolf Anniversary Collector's Edition book LOL.
2 months ago
Why thank you. She's the best choice for me: the most impactful and meaningful for me.
2 months ago