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View spoilerHide spoilerThat's the gist of it.

For the price range and desire to finally get that perfect Griffith, people are going to be extremely critical of it. They do have to nail his portrait as it's such a crucial aspect of Griffith's appearance.

I do understand that a portrait like Griffith's is extremely difficult to reproduce in 3D form. I've questioned if it's even possible, though I have confidence in Prime 1 to hit all of the right notes.

Out of all companies, I don't think any of them have been bashed as hard as they did though. All of Art of War's head sculpts were extremely subpar by comparison.

On MFC at least most people are not happy when they see another AOT figure from Berserk. I would say that the general consensus is that they are much to expensive for their quality and their figures actually do not look that good.

But on other websides I have seen people saying AOT makes the better Berserk stuff compared to Prime 1... Really hard for me to understand 0__0
6 months ago
View spoilerHide spoilerHi!

I'm very excited about it actually!

Starting with Griffith...I tend to focus more on the positives versus the negatives.

My pros:

- The flow and detailing of the piece are phenomenal.

- I absolutely adore how the behelit pops and contrasts with Griffith's armor, cloak, and feathers on the base. The concept is nothing short of masterful in my opinion.

My cons:

- The face is definitely a point of pain for many. I don't believe that it needs to be fully redone, but it could used tweaks based on the photos we were provided. I actually don't like judging much at some of these conventions because the lighting can be extremely poor (which affects statues greatly).

- I want to see him under natural light and in quality pictures to make a full call. If you asked me based on the pictures we have now, I think the main tweaks to make are on his eyes and parts of his face (cheeks, mouth).

- So far, Prime 1 has gotten the closest to the character that I have seen out of all Griffith figures/statues (with the exception of the figma which is based on the Golden Age movies). I think people are being more harsh with this because we haven't gotten the perfect Griffith yet. I can understand it, but I think it's also fair to wait on good pictures as well.

Femto is an absolute buy for me, it's my favorite of the line as of now.

I'm only slightly bummed about Zodd, but part of me suspected that plans would change for him prior to the con. He would overshadow many other pieces and he may have needed more time to be perfected. I don't mind the delay at all, so I'll be waiting for him just as I did prior to TCC.

I actually also do like the idea and the look of the base of Griffith. I am honestly only bothered by the falcons which surround Griffith besides his face... Those could be more anatomically correct xD

If I had to guess people are also harsh on Griffith because of the high price but also because they have high expectations towards Prime 1 Studio. Which is actually kind of good sign. And the face is the most important part of a figure/statue for many people.

Femto seem rather simple on the first glance but captures his personality perfectly. A very atmospheric statue.

Yeah Zodd would defenitely overshadow many of the other statues. And maybe because it was a comicon they also wanted to focus more on western comic characters? They could show Zodd at the Winter Wonfest 2018.

View spoilerHide spoilerI forgot, Puck and Daka were big surprises for me since I didn't expect them to be there.

They're great companion pieces and I will be getting both as well. I wish there was more coverage though.

I would like to see some more pics from puck. Only saw bad ones on which his face and eyes looked a bit strange... But yeah the photo quality was really bad. Potentially one of the only cuter statues of the line :P xD

I am actually wondering if Prime 1 would make other Guts statue later on. People were already discussing it in the Prime 1 fb group... Not sure if I want that or not... My wallet defenitely does not want that xD
6 months ago
Hey, how are you feeling about the latest news about the Prime 1 Berserk line from Toyko Comicon?

I am bit sad that we didn't see the apostel form of Zodd... But it is probably better if they take their time with this giant. Anyway their femto looks great I have to admit. I can't stand Griffith/Femto as a character at all but that dark and majestic vibe is great. Already liked the illustration/pic it was based on :)

And I guess we do not need to talk about Griffith. Most people are not happy with his face (yet).

Of course it is also great to see that Prime 1 is still pushing on the Berserk line regularly showing us stuff :D
6 months ago

I was trying to find the "duo" button and it appears to have been lost somewhere.

You are indeed correct. I am watching the Street Fighter line for now. While I may not buy Ryu or Ken specifically, they will have my attention if they're going for a dynamic style.

I guess chances are not bad for a dynamic style. I have the feeling that Prime on often makes more static poses but the franchise is screaming for a dynamic pose :)
8 months ago
Ohh, also interested Street Fighter line from Prime One. Seems like it will get seriously dangerous for your wallet :P

And my stalker abilities are A+++.
8 months ago
FSE (9 months ago) #26426837Oh yes, the line is basically like a dream. And yes, Zodd is an absolute monster. I would like to display him with and without wings (I think this is a likely option). If you're planning space for him, just take a look at Prime 1's 1/2 scale statues haha. Add the wing span on that, and you have a beast.
Oh yes, the display will be the fun part for us all I bet.

Prime 1 Studio actually got me to buy an expensive Guts statue... I have been wanting one for five years but for various reason I never went through with buying or preodering one. Like I wasn't happy with the quality, sculpting job or the price. And Prime 1 Studio just blew that away. Defenitly a dream for me as well :P

Hmmm but I am wondering how many characters will be included in the line. It is nice to see characteres like Schierke getting a figure as well.
9 months ago
FSE (9 months ago) #26426446Hey hey, thanks for the add!
Yes, I am planning to complete the full Berserk line by Prime 1. I have a special display planned for all of the pieces. ᕦ─◞ ─ᕥ

Sounds good! They will look awesome together. I propably wouldn't even have the space for all. The wings of Zodd alone, I freaked out when I saw those. How much space will this giant take? 0__0

I am still kind of unsure how to display the ones I already ordered... Never dealt with statues this size! But I need a new display for sure LOL
9 months ago
Added you because I have seen your comments on the Berserk figures from Prime 1 Studio regularly :P

Planning to go for the whole line? xD
9 months ago
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