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I was trying to find the "duo" button and it appears to have been lost somewhere.

You are indeed correct. I am watching the Street Fighter line for now. While I may not buy Ryu or Ken specifically, they will have my attention if they're going for a dynamic style.

I guess chances are not bad for a dynamic style. I have the feeling that Prime on often makes more static poses but the franchise is screaming for a dynamic pose :)
3 days ago
Ohh, also interested Street Fighter line from Prime One. Seems like it will get seriously dangerous for your wallet :P

And my stalker abilities are A+++.
5 days ago
FSE (25 days ago) #26426837Oh yes, the line is basically like a dream. And yes, Zodd is an absolute monster. I would like to display him with and without wings (I think this is a likely option). If you're planning space for him, just take a look at Prime 1's 1/2 scale statues haha. Add the wing span on that, and you have a beast.
Oh yes, the display will be the fun part for us all I bet.

Prime 1 Studio actually got me to buy an expensive Guts statue... I have been wanting one for five years but for various reason I never went through with buying or preodering one. Like I wasn't happy with the quality, sculpting job or the price. And Prime 1 Studio just blew that away. Defenitly a dream for me as well :P

Hmmm but I am wondering how many characters will be included in the line. It is nice to see characteres like Schierke getting a figure as well.
25 days ago
FSE (25 days ago) #26426446Hey hey, thanks for the add!
Yes, I am planning to complete the full Berserk line by Prime 1. I have a special display planned for all of the pieces. ᕦ─◞ ─ᕥ

Sounds good! They will look awesome together. I propably wouldn't even have the space for all. The wings of Zodd alone, I freaked out when I saw those. How much space will this giant take? 0__0

I am still kind of unsure how to display the ones I already ordered... Never dealt with statues this size! But I need a new display for sure LOL
25 days ago
Added you because I have seen your comments on the Berserk figures from Prime 1 Studio regularly :P

Planning to go for the whole line? xD
25 days ago
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