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Hey everyone,

My name is Timmie Ng I'm 24 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. I live in the city called Haarlem that's the captical city of our Province North-Holland.

I've been join Myfigurecollection since 3 months ago and I really like to community especially the share the beautiful piece works of Anime statues and figure.

Since I saw a few reviews I was immediately interested to start to collect some few PVC figures that I like especially the Shining Wind PVC figures.

The first 1/7 scale I've ever had was Xecty Bikini version. ITEM #32227 from the Shining Wind series cause she is my favorite female character of the series.

Since I've started with my own project by making
DIY clothes a lot of people really liked it and
I've became a few times Picture of the Day Top 5 front page:

1.Super Sonico with DIY clothes 2012-08-15 5th place
PICTURE #498981

2.Princess Clalaclan bikini version 2012-08-23 5th place
PICTURE #504671

3.Xecty bikini version 2012-09-04 5th place
PICTURE #513181

4.Shining force Alfin umbrio version 2012-09-15 5th place
PICTURE #520591

5.Xecty bikini version DIY 2012-09-25 2nd place
PICTURE #524654

6.Shining Heats Kaguya 2012-12-08 3rd place
PICTURE #580671

7.Princess Clalaclan DIY clothes 2013-02-21 5th place
PICTURE #641406

8.Xecty DIY clothes with sun landscape 2013-02-27 1st Place POTD for the first time.
PICTURE #645953

9.Princess Sonico DIY clothes in natural bath 2013-03-12 5th place.
PICTURE #655494

10.(Shining Hearts) Kaguya medium perspective shot in snow landscape. 2013-03-14 3rd place
PICTURE #658081

11. Hayane Fubuki White bikini version 2013-04-14 4th place
PICTURE #681744

12. Kotori Shirakawa swimming dress 2013-04-21 3rd place
PICTURE #686760

13. Milla Maxwell on Clingendael 2013-05-26 2nd place
PICTURE #713871

14. Sakai Wakana with Kimono Nendroid 2013-05-27 4th place
PICTURE #714490

Now I'm collecting figures that has more then 1/8 scale or 1/7 scale figures. Since its just a hobby I try not to be more addicted with figures. I just only collecting the figures that are very interested for me.

I'm as well a Anime Music Video Editor that means that I'm entering Anime Music Video Competition as well for National and International submissions. These contest are fanmade contests and does have nothing to do with earn money or commercial use.

The actual meaning of Anime Music Video is using Anime series, movies and made a new different Music Video with it and show it to the Anime fans.

I've been doing this for 5 years 1 year for training to improve myself and 4 years for Anime convention competitions. My first Anime convention ever was Chibicon 2008 and as well my first AMV contest entry ever.

For more information about my AMV's here is my Youtube Channel:


Anime Music Video Org:

These are all my AMV competition entries until now with AMV titles and results:

Nationals (Convention)
Chibicon 2008 AMV Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations 5th place
Abunai! 2008 AMV Shakugan no Shana 2 AMV trailer 8th place

Tsunacon 2009 AMV Do you have memories? 6th place
Animecon 2009 AMV Time Through the Anime World 6th place Editors Choice
Chibicon 2009 AMV Fall Apart (Various Animes) 5th place
Abunai! 2009 AMV Beautiful World (Various animes) 4th place

Tsunacon 2010 AMV Sensitive Sky (Various animes) 7th place Best OVERALL
Yaycon 2010 AMV The Red Night 2nd place
Animecon 2010 AMV Clannad-on Not for Sale 5th place
Chibicon 2010 AMV Fight for your Friends 3rd place
Abunai! 2010 AMV You Only Get what you give 5th place

Tsunacon 2011 AMV Tales of Railgun 6th place
Yaycon 2011 AMV Opening (Let's Experiment)
Yaycon 2011 AMV Make your dream come True 5th place
Animecon 2011 AMV Opening Children of the Night
Abunai! 2011 AMV Opening Looking for Group
Abunai! 2011 AMV Save Shibuya (Tokyo) 3rd place
Nishicon 2011 AMV Opening Fight for your Freedom
Nishicon 2011 AMV The War must End 1st place

Tsunacon 2012 AMV The Sound of the Forest 1st place Overall
Tsunacon 2012 The Sound of the Forest 2nd place Technical
Tsunacon 2012 The Sound of the Forest 2nd place Originality
Tsunacon 2012 The Sound of the Forest 2nd place Public vote.
Yaycon 2012 AMV Opening Express Yourself 2nd place
Animecon 2012 AMV Opening Apocalypse Cow
Animecon 2012 AMV Collab You only got 3 minutes 3rd place
Abunai! 2012 You should never fight your feelings 13th place
MGC Experience 2012 The Chosen One 1st place
Nishicon 2012 AMV Opening Angels and Demons 1st place (Shared)

International entries:
Naru2u 2010 (Canada) Clannad-on Not for Sale 1st place Best Technical
Seishuncon 2011 Make your Dream come True (Best Dance 3rd place)
Naru2u 2011 Save Shibuya (Tokyo) 3rd place.
Naruu 2012 (Canada) The Sound of the Forest Runners-up Best Technical.

Tsunacon 2013 AMV Opening Divided by Fire.
Yaycon 2013 AMV Competition 1st place Warrior Idol
Big contest 2013 AMV Competition Finalist Warrior Idol
Abunai! 2013 AMV competition 2nd place No Idol Entertainment
Tsubasa Chronicle, Sword Art Online, Kaleido Star, Shining Tears X Wind, Samurai 7
Tsubasa, Taal is echt mijn Ding, En Dan Nog Iets
Tales of Symphonia, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Graces F
MOE Point(s)
Yiruma, Yuki Kaijura, Motoi Sakuraba, Kinya Kotani
Canon EOS 60D
MAC Pro Quad-core, Windows ACER Quad-core I5 processor


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I wish you a merry christmas :)
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