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Hey, my name is Kamryn and I am from the United Kingdom.

I only got into figure collecting only a while ago and was immediately put off for a while after breaking the head off a Snow Miku Figma I had bought.(Curse you heavy-handedness).After that accident, I got into it again and it wasn't long before my heavy-handedness stuck again and this time I had broken an accessory from a Nendoroid but after that I learned that collecting neither Figmas or Nendoroids were right for me and I should just collect figure that you can't move and just stay in one position.As you see from my ordered list, you can tell I didn't stick to that and will probably break more in the future.

One thing that I love about figure collecting is what box they coming in. Sometimes I wonder, Did I just buy this figure to see what the box looks like?. Sounds stupid right, when I could just look at other people's pictures instead of paying for something that I probably really don't want. Does this make me sound pretentious because I am far from rich.

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