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Other figures in my collection not listed on MFC!



No worries :) i have a sales list where they'll be in till sold so you can always message later if you want it then!
7 months ago
Heyhey, if youre still looking for Culture Japan - Mirai Millennium - Suenaga Mirai - Nendoroid (#271) (Good Smile Company) Im looking to sell her! Feel free to dm me :)
7 months ago
kaitylee Kawaii Mistress
Happy birthday!
1 year ago
No worries! Thanks for the quick response! :)
2 years ago
Hi there!

I have a shinobu nendoroid for sale (ITEM #195508). She doesn't have her inbox blister, everything has been placed in acid free ziplock baggies. She has practically all her bonuses EXCEPT art postcards and Weiss Schwarz cards. Currently selling her for 100 USD. PM me if you are interested
2 years ago
Thank you for your support
2 years ago
That's right, it is the visual effect created by the screen
2 years ago
What a coincidence! The background is the effect made with display equipment. I come from China
2 years ago
Thank you for your love, sorry my English level is not good, I am a photographer, and it takes about half a year to buy it by hand
2 years ago
Yes, it is: luka.980 Twitter: @ Luka__ 777, but it is rarely updated. It should be added slowly recently
2 years ago
We'll help you find and get your Waifus from Japan!