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Let me tell you how i started with the "figuremania". XD
Well.. I started to collect figures in the beginning of 2008. My first figure was Saori Kido, from Megahouse. Saint Seiya was one of the first animes that i ever watched, so i guess my first figure had to be from it.
I like to collect Shunya Yamashita's figurines, 'cause i'm a big fan of his illustrations! And i also like to collect figures from my favorite animes/games.
The most important thing, in my opinion, is the face of the figure, especially the eyes. And i also like the "movement" of the clothes and the hair, combined with beautiful and vibrating colors.
Oh, and i also like figures of "bad" boys and girls! Figures in uniforms, and figures with big (or no so big) guns/swords!
*And i realized i really need to add some more male figures to my collection! >_<

Photographing them is one of my hobbies. I just love to see how they look even more beautiful when photographed with a nice background, or in a natural scenary.
Recently i started to collect dolls too. I guess my favourites are pullips! They are so cute, and easy to customize. n_n

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I My Shunya Y. girls!

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