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I'm Frodo! Pleased to meet you! :D
I like anime, games, american cartoons, and other stuff. I'm always up for talking even if I'm a little bit shy.

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Psycho Pass, Durarara!!, Yowamushi Pedal, Noragami, Haikyuu!!, Evangelion, Yuri!!! on Ice, Natsume Yuujinchou, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Voltron Legendary Defender
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Frodo55 (4 months ago) #26334255No problem! And it's all good, no need to be embarassed!
Re:vale are my favourites too, when they first appeared in the story i immediately fell in love with them! Btw, your profile picture is so pretty!
Have you seen the PV for the anime in January? I felt so hyped! I'm really looking forward to it, I hope it ends up being a good adaption. I'm really happy with the art style, they all look so beautiful.
I ordered the new trigger album, I was going to wait till it arrived before I listened to it, but I got the cheap shipping so I couldn't wait >.< I looked it up online and listened to it all, its so good T.T I hope sometime next year re:vale gets a full album too! I would probably consider getting the collector's edition for them.

Thanks again, a lot!=^.^=
A long ago I found Idolish7 by their MV-s, I really liked them, but I wasn't very hyped. A few months ago my best friend started to play the game, and told me a lot about it. So we searched for english subtitle and I have become a fangirl bastard. xD The story is not the typical idol thing, it has lovable characters, plot twists and my beloved Re:Vale (they are so perfect together! >.<). Whenever I listen Silver Sky, I am always crying...It's somehow very magical and special for me.
I have seen the PV, but I'm not happy with Tsumugi's voice actor...Most of the otome/idol anime adaptations are horrible, so I hope it will be different. And also, I'm afraid of the new "fangirls", who know nothing about the original game.
You are so lucky with the Trigger album! ^^ In the future, I want to buy a few album, too, but sometimes they are really expensive..So as a student, it's a bit hard sometimes, but I'm motivated!;3
4 months ago
Frodo55 (5 months ago) #25703893Hey, thanks for the friend request! I love your re:vale rubber straps! They're so cute!(*≧∀≦*) I take it you're also an idolish7 fan?

Hello! Thanks for accepting it! ^^ Sorry for the late reply, but I haven't seen this comment. ;_; Today I was scrolling down on my profile and then I suddenly saw it and felt really embarrased...By the way, yes, I'm in love with Idolish7, especially with Re:Vale.
5 months ago
Frodo55 (5 years ago) #1321067Haha, just realised how many typos I made in my last comment... hehe, sorry about that.
I'm not a huge fan of Sonic, though I do like the retro Sonic games, I will admit. Haha, I remember back when I was young I'd play games I liked multiple times... and now, well, haha, a game is lucky to get finished within a short time period.
I know what you mean, man. Nowadays, I seem to sometimes be getting games because the story sounds cool... although a part of me still finds gameplay important too, I might not always get immersed based on gameplay, but I'll certainly keep going back to it unless I get sick of it. Haha,though I found it Dream Drop Distance I mainly kept playing for more cutscenes XD
Indeed, all hail Miyamoto! He's so awesome! :D Without him there would probably be no LoZ
Yeah, Square'll have a hoard of angry fans to face if Versus isn't up to expectations XD
Hehe, I found the British accents quite refreshing in a game. Are you a Harry Potter fan?
Yeah, it's pretty awesome that Operation Rainfall succeeded, especially since this is pretty late to be releasing a Wii game.
Yeah, it is, but it's a tad on the expensive side, but to be expected I suppose. I would buy it, but I'd rather play it on the DS for some unknown reason.

The retro Sonic games are the bomb. Sonic 3 & Knuckles is one of my all-time favorites. I'd spend hours upon hours on that game, which brings me to my next point. I'm exactly the same. Unless I'm instantly immersed, the game will take me forever to beat. The Uncharted series comes to mind as some games which have actually accomplished this - that's right, KH doesn't even get that privilege. It took me about a year to slay the final boss in BBS (I even got to play as my favorite character for that one, but damn it was tough) and I took a break from 3D whenever I got stuck on a boss, which was a lot of the time (go to hell, Spellican). Maybe I was just more appreciative when I was younger, but I was definitely more focused.

I was always so under-leveled in FFXIII and BBS because of the damn cutscenes. I completed exactly two side-quests before I beat the final boss of Nier. I chose to study in Persona 3 instead of grinding because I wanted to find out what the next boss would be. I know that feeling all too well. :( RPG developers need to stop making the story so damn interesting. Shooters and platformers are okay, but in games that require grinding, NO. :P Yes, I know I'm contradicting myself. Blame physics.

We wouldn't have a lot of things without Miyamoto. We wouldn't have Super Mario Bros., so not only would greats like Hideo Kojima never be inspired (there goes the awesomeness that is MGS), but the video game industry probably wouldn't have been as big as it is today. Thanks a lot, E.T.

I freakin' love Harry Potter. Though I read the books first and like them better than the movies (for the sake of all that's missing), the movies are great, too. Couldn't have asked for better movie adaptations to my favorite books. :)

Agreed, $20 is a lot for an iPhone game. I understand that. Playing video games on the DS is better than playing them on a phone, plain and simple. Also, physical > digital. The day video games go entirely digital will be the day I ignore the new releases and go back to play the games I missed.
5 years ago
Frodo55 (5 years ago) #1319259Nah, it's cool! :)
I can have a pretty short attention span when it comes to games... I'm always jumping from game to game instead of just focusing on one. Not to mention when I get excited about buying a game, when I get I just end up getting excited about buying another one XD
I only got KHI a little while ago (sometime last year) and so I haven't really bothered finishing it yet... perhaps the fact that I already know a lot of what going to happen makes it less addicting. Nonetheless, it'll probably be finished by the time 1.5 gets release (if it does that is)
A 7 year wait worth it? That is a pretty big claim. Sounds like this game might just be what we expected it to be :D
Oh and did you hear that Pandora's Tower getting released in the US? That's pretty lucky :D
Nah, you're not overhyping it, since I already know how awesome it is! :D I hope eventually I might get it for a good price...

lol, I hear ya, I feel like my attention span has gotten especially bad over the years. Whereas I absolutely adored platformers as a kid, Sonic the Hedgehog can barely hold my attention anymore. And Sonic was practically my hero (he was like the messiah of Sega, and Sega does what Nintendon't) so that's saying something. KHI couldn't really hold my attention either. Whenever I got stuck, I'd take the longest breaks from it (I do that with a lot of games, actually...huh...). BBS really sucked me into the series. I had no idea the story had gotten so complex (though I did hear about things like the Organization, which confused the hell out of me). It's kinda sad how much the story means to me nowadays. :( I'm definitely not the type of person who can get into a game solely relying on gameplay. I need to be immersed and whatnot.

Oh man, I'm exactly like that! As soon as I get a video game, I only want MOAR. XP I like to call myself a collector. That way it sounds healthy. :)

Oh, it better be as awesome as we expected it to be from the beginning. Otherwise there will be hell to pay. I'd be much more worried if Tetsuya Nomura wasn't at the helm of it. That guy is a genius. He would be my favorite developer if it wasn't for Shigeru Miyamoto. Nothing can beat the guy who saved the video game industry all on his own. All hail Miyamoto! :P

Wow, seriously!? Right after I mentioned it here? I'm awesome! :D No, wait, *that* is awesome. Yep, that's what I meant to say. But damn, that really is fantastic. Operation Rainfall is officially a success, even if not by Nintendo's hand. I'mma have to get used to the accents, though. Seeing them anywhere besides Harry Potter is just plain weird (kidding).

Wasn't TWEWY released on iPhone/iPad? I think I'm gonna be getting that version eventually as well. Damn, those HD sprites look great...

EDIT: F*ck, it's even longer this time. Ehehehehehe... ._.'
5 years ago
Frodo55 (5 years ago) #1316344High five! KHII was actually my first, so when I started playing KHI afterwards... I could really see the difference, especially with those stupid gummi levels >.< But I still find it alright, since it is KH XD.
Yeah, I heard that too. I really, really hope it's not true, since I'm starting to lose faith of whether Versus is gonna come out at all. Did you hear the rumour about the possible name change? I really hope it does though, it looks like such an awesome game! And Noctis is just plain epic XD
Hehe, TWEWY has a pretty cool soundtrack, I really gotta get that game one of these days...

Yeah, I feel like I gotta get back to KHI so I can judge it fairly (no hype involved). Another good reason for 1.5 HD. I have noticed that people who play the first before any other entry in the series to see what all the hype is about tend to drop it altogether though (as I almost did). But that's probably just narrow-minded people with short attention spans (like me).

Well, not too long ago (sometime late last year, iirc) some big wig at Squeenix said that he and Yoichi Wada did a check-up on the project, and according to him, the team's working really hard to implement a bunch of great ideas into the game. He even went so far as to say fans would be pleased and the wait would be well worth it. Saying a seven-year wait is worth it is a pretty big claim though...The name change? You mean when they said something about making it a main FF title? And I agree, Noctis is epic and quite adorable. :3

I highly recommend TWEWY. Yeah - for a soundtrack with so much J-Pop, which I'm not a big fan of, it's pretty great. The battle system is fantastic, and the story's also awesome. It's my favorite DS game (it very narrowly beats the awesomeness that is Ace Attorney). Oh God, I'm over-hyping it now, aren't I? I'll stop. :P

Sorry, just noticed I wrote kind of a lot. ^^'
5 years ago
Frodo55 (5 years ago) #1315108Woah, that really sucks. :( I still haven't managed to get my hands on Last Story or Xenoblade.
But I can still see what you mean, the wii's a pretty old system now... It doesn't really look as if it's handling it particularly well...
It would be pretty stupid to keep 1.5 in Japan, since Kingdom Heart's such a popular series in the west. I hope they one day make a HD bundle with KHII in it, that's my personal favourite! :D
I hate to imagine how long KHIII is gonna take to come out... since it hasn't even started development yet.

KHII is my favorite too! *high five* It's so much better than the first. I actually didn't like the first that much, kind of turned me off from the series. It was good but I was expecting more with all of the hype surrounding the series. Then I played BBS and I fell in love, and then when I played KHII, there was no turning back. XD A KH 2.5 HD Remix with KHII and BBS would be really nice for sure.
Yeah, KHIII seems so far away. :( It's been too long since KHII. A while back, Square said that Nomura would start KHIII after FF Versus XIII, hopefully that's not still true because Versus XIII has been in development for seven years now with no end in sight. A lot of the time developers will start development on games in secret though, so you never know! I'm also still waiting on a sequel to TWEWY from Square...
Still can't believe Versus XIII has been in development for so long. I want it. >o<
5 years ago
Frodo55 (5 years ago) #1314304Yeah, I can't wait till Nintendo makes more games for the Wii U! Especially LoZ... That will probably look amazing in HD! :D
Yeah, I have actually, :D I really hope it does too... Re:Chain of Memories for the PS2 never got released here in Australia. :( Plus the idea of Kingdom Hearts in HD in general is cool :D

At least you got Pandora's Tower, that was the only Operation Rainfall game I wanted and it was the only one that wasn't released here. Oh, the irony. :( Although if the graphics are like The Last Story...eh... games like Mario and Skyward Sword look fine on the Wii, but it seems like The Last Story tries too hard to look nice on a system that just can't handle it. :/ But damn, it's been forever since a console Kingdom Hearts game, it would really suck if we didn't get 1.5. The lack of information on any other release is making me nervous. Squeenix would be stupid to keep it in Japan, but at the same time... you never know.
5 years ago
Frodo55 (5 years ago) #1312983The controller's quite light, actually, and I find it quite comfortable and fun to use. :D It sucks that the battery life isn't very long though... And the graphics are a big improvement compared to the wii.
When Nintendo makes a Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U, I'll just have to get it! I've been waiting to see Link in HD! XD
Oh, have you heard about KH 1.5? If that doesn't get released outside of Japan... ;_;
5 years ago
Frodo55 (5 years ago) #1304752You're welcome, and thank you too!
Kid Icarus: Uprising is a pretty good game, though some of the lines can be a little cheesy XD There's a pretty good range of weapons. :D
I got a lot of games I've been meaning to get...
Haha, yeah, I was lucky enough to get a Wii U for Christmas :)

Cool! How are the graphics and the controller?
5 years ago
Frodo55 (5 years ago) #1303348Greetings! :D
Cool collection! I like your plushies and KH figures

Thanks! I like your video game collection. I've been meaning to get Kid Icarus: Uprising one of these days...So I'm guessing you got a Wii U?
5 years ago
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