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Happy birthday!!
13 days ago
Happy B-day
15 days ago
Ah! Aww gosh! Thank you so much for the Birthday wish!! (>w<)
3 months ago
Hi there!

I saw you have a lot of stuff on your wishlist. I'm currently selling a bunch of stuff that are on your wishlist (like some revoltech evangelions). Take a look here (LIST #134981). If you don't mind paying for shipping from the USA, feel free to PM me
5 months ago
:O really? Then I'll definitely search on that sites, thank you very much :)

Haha I haven't seen Haikyuu yet, I recently watched Kuroko no Basuke, I loved it and I think this two are pretty similar but Free! Mmmm has a little extra because of the backstory with the characters. Anyway it also has pretty good fan service so I recomend it ^^
1 year ago
Yes I pre-order that nendoroid the last year but there are many more! The problem is that are hard to find. And well... my collection have more Sakura stuff than other anime, but I have a few things of MHA, Free!, among others; I'm interested in aquire more variety of figures, so this is just getting started :)
1 year ago
Aw it's beautiful!!! I've seen that before, very nice :D since they made the new anime the merch hasn't stop coming out, its overwelming xD but hope you could adquire more Sakura items in future ;)
1 year ago
Yes, I love her so much! All my stuff is of her, never can't get enough xD
Oh thats cool! wich figure is it?
1 year ago
I like your youtube videos! Specially the unboxing ones :D
2 years ago
Have a happy Birthday! :D
2 years ago
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