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Gamma (4 years ago) #1966655Yes, while 'soft' may be the wrong word ^_^
Her chest is not solid, and made of thinner material than the rest of the figure. So it is possible to squeeze them quite a bit ;)

Thanks for the information!
4 years ago
hi!You have Full Puni Cattleya right?May i ask if she has soft boobs or not
4 years ago
Heyho, bitte schön :) Danke fürs annehmen ^^
4 years ago
Wow. love your collection. Impressive. XD
5 years ago
Thanks for the friend invite and thanks for all the info about the pillow. I can't wait to order my very own.
5 years ago
Hello buddy! I'm trying to compile a list of Queen's Blade collectors on MFC and have on display on my profile for fun, would it be okay to put you down as a fellow Cattleya collector?
5 years ago
Dankeschön aber das kann ich nur zurück geben du hast auch eine tolle sammlung
5 years ago
Gamma (5 years ago) #1091712The material of the Full Puni is ok I think. My issues are some of the weird looking joints (esp. the knees), and that she is rather hard to balance, since she doesn't have any extra support like the revoltec figures. Dynamic poses with her giant sword are really hard to set up, so I settled with a plain standing one, using the weapon as support. But this shouldn't be the purpose of a poseable figure...
The glasses on the Q-six Cattleya are not removeable.
I have to correct myself here. They are indeed removeable. I just tried to remove them, and since they didn't come of right away, I thought they have been there since the beginning. Let's just say they fit very well and have a strong grip on her head ;-)
New pictures will follow in the next couple of weeks ;-)

Sorry for the late reply.

Oh yeah, definitely. I can see why she's received bad reviews. Love the joints on the revoltech too, the one I own is used but the joints are just like new. :) Sorry for so many questions concerning the Full Puni figure, but is it possible to pose her in a sitting position? Like sitting of the edge of something? It doesn't seem possible with the revoltech...

No worries! Mistakes happen. I ended up ordering her and absolutely love her! The quality was much better than expected. Especially on the glasses, they're much less flimsy than the others. Only complaint is that her base is huge, it takes up a lot of space. It'd be rather weird to display her without the base too (with the piece coming out of her foot and all). I'm even more excited for the new Cattleya figure by Q-six now!

Awesome, looking forward to seeing them! I think I'll post the pictures I took of the Q-six Cattleya too, come to think of it.
5 years ago
Gamma (5 years ago) #1087794Thanks, I'm looking forward to see these pictures ;-)

The Q-Six figure is great, nice pose and great quality. I like it very much.
The Full Puny one is ok I guess, but I propably wouldn't buy it again, if I had the choice.
Maybe I'll take some closeup-pictures of them, when I get a new camera ;-)

Yeah, love the pose and the un-official (user uploaded) pictures look way better than the stock photos even. Are her glasses removable?

I've heard the quality of the Full Puni series was rather poor. Based on appearance, she would look a lot better if she was more curvy in the legs and hips. Not sure what the company was thinking making her armor transparent like that either.. :/ Is it the material or joint/posing issues?

That would be great! Really, no one except you has uploaded pictures of those on here. I'm sure others would like to see user pics of them as well.
5 years ago
Gamma (5 years ago) #1072579Wow, I just went through your gallery. Very nice Cattleya pics, and great collection!

Aw, thanks so much! I also have a batch of Cattleya pictures I took back in the Spring that I've been meaning to post too. Posting them soon hopefully.

You have a great Cattleya collection as well. How is the quality on the Full Puni and Q-six Cattleyas by the way? Very rarely hear any one speak of them.
5 years ago
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