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My holy grail figure arrived today! Holy crap! I did not realize the Card Captor Sakura Stars Bless You figure was that big! Where do I put her? I ordered the Clear Card version as well...is she the same size....Oh! Crap! She is!
10 months ago
Ok, I didn't spend $1,500 at this convention...I only spent around $500. However, I ended up spending another $300 on preorders when I got home, so....I think I still lost. My addiction is getting to be too much when it comes to BNHA. Send help.
11 months ago
I'm going to a convention this weekend. On one hand, I'm super excited to possibly find some beautiful new items. On the other hand, there's a ton of pre-orders up from my wishlist that I won't be able to afford if I spend another $1500 at a convention. Heck, I'm still paying off that last convention. Hmm...Perhaps I should give myself a spending limit...?
11 months ago
I just finished purchasing one of my Grail figures. I purchased the CCS Stars figure. I can't wait to get her. I also pre-ordered the Clear Card figure to go with her. They're going to look amazing. I ordered the Clear Card figure from RightStufAnime, so I know it will be in perfect condition. However, I'm taking a chance and ordering a pre-owned figure from Solaris Japan. I'm hoping all goes well. Although I spent half what I was expecting, it's still a lot of cash, especially for someone who doesn't get paid much.
1 year ago
$300-$400 away from being able to afford one of my grail figures (CCS Stars figure).$700 away from owning both the grail and the matching figure...sigh. Why must people jack-up the prices double the amount of the asking price? Grrr!

Update: I've decided to go ahead and order the CCS clear figure. I really don't want the price to go up 2x as much by missing the pre-order again. I'm racking up quite the debt to myself. Addicted? Maybe...
1 year ago
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