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Wonderful seller!! Honest, fast responses, and shipped the item really quickly!! Definitely would buy from again!!
6 months ago
Glad you don't mind and thank you for answering. :)

I have no clue how my company does it. I can probably do my priorities and goals when I get laid off. It looks like the apples are slowing down and my aunt who works for a different fruit company said she will get laid off.

Again, thank you for the useful information! Hope your day is lovely.~
9 months ago
Hey, I read your comment on the hobby article. To tell the truth, I don't know what I want to be someday and my mom wants me to be a nurse because she wanted to be a nurse when she was a kid. But I was never into nursing. I prefer to have a career involved with the arts like drawing or animation.

Still stressed because school is expensive and I need time to learn to have skills like 3D modeling. But I don't have time because I am an essential worker with a long and busy work schedule. Also, there is this animator I grew up watching who used to work at Pixar, but she said she didn't have a good experience there and I heard other overwhelming stories.

Sorry for venting and it's nice talking to you.
9 months ago
GollyGeeItsBoo5 years ago#3185319Thanks so much~ he's super cute!Haha, he is :3 Though he's usually a dork ;)
5 years ago
GollyGeeItsBoo5 years ago#3176347May I ask who the character in your icon is? It's Sunohara Youhei from Clannad :)
5 years ago
Hi! Your inbox seems to be full at the moment. I just wanted to let you know that your strap is on its way to you now. Please let me know if you have any issues with the package. Thank you again for joining the split! It's been a pleasure~

PS: Message me if you want your tracking number.
5 years ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
I was going to comment on your blog post but..is three days too late for that? I feel like it is.. Anyway I wanted to thank you for those pictures of Melody Stock. I have the CD but won't see it till uni is over and ahhh I'm dying. It's so pink and green and wonderful. And uh the music is good to of course. This is really weird isn't it
6 years ago
GollyGeeItsBoo6 years ago#2638931Thanks for the friend request (⌒▽⌒)☆
You're welcome! Thank you for accepting!~
6 years ago
marukawa I DO WHAT I WANT!!
GollyGeeItsBoo6 years ago#2611788Ahhaha most of them are in different months so you should be okay as long as you save! I really want to preorder the 2015 Racing Miku too but I'm waiting to see a prototype first. I have a feeling she's going to look so good @.@ Aw colds are lame, I hope you feel better! I've been trying so hard to stay away healthy this season, I don't have time to be sick.
my god the cold lasted a fuckin' week. uuuuuuugh. i still have leftover sniffles.
decided to get only the miku figmas instead of both nendo and figma. i like figmas more than nendos, and i'm SUPPOSED to be saving money for multiple things...sonovabetch. i have so many things to save for. a Macbook Pro. Kindle Paperwhite. a DESK. a desk CHAIR. the possibility of a Sakura Miku Dollfie. and i want to start getting more piercings in Spring. and a haircut for Summer. shiiiieeeeet.

in other news...got back into reading Tasertricks fanfiction and completely ignoring Johnlock fics for the time being. i can't really read fanfics of more than one series at a time. lol. so for now it's Lokane and Tasertricks. i'll get back to johnlock some time later in the year. probably. who the hell knows; i was reading only Lokane fanfics for over 3 years solid before switching to Sherlock. rofl.
6 years ago
GollyGeeItsBoo6 years ago#2603217FINALLY REPLYING TO THIS COMMENT. I TOLD YOU I WOULD. I'm a little less busy now that Christmas is over but not really because the convention coming up haha. Why thank you~ I'm going to be working on Suzuyas quinque today, maybe I'll shoot you some WIP pictures if I have the time to take any. Should be putting up a new kuji loot post too when I get around to it. Soooo how do you like Tokyo Ghoul √A so far? I'm wondering how far they're going with this season. Probably still won't get to see Suzuya in action (╥﹏╥) He doesn't get his quinque until Chapter 82 I think it is? I'm guessing this season is going to end before then.

XD yeah u did reply back. It's good that the holidays are over they can be fun, but stressful too. Oh wow really I have no idea how u can make so many things ur so creative. Especially a quinque u got some talent there. Nice ur posts are always fun to read so I will look forward to it. I'm loving tokyo ghoul so far except for Touka shes being a real downer to tell u the truth. It reminds me of the whole sakura and sasuke thing kinda lol. I kinda didn't want Kaneki to go away I feel like hes getting less screen time now. Probably not going to see Suzuya in action maybe later on if they keep making seasons which I don't see why they wouldn't. 12 episodes is too short for my taste.
6 years ago
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