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I'd be interested in your ad, but your inbox seems to be full. It is about this figure: CLASSIFIED #141050

Is she still available and in good condition? What would you take for shipping to Germany?

Just send me a message when you read this ;)
8 months ago
Kuromii Haikyuu nerdlord
I have placed our order! I shall invoice you when GSC takes the payment, which is usually a couple of weeks before release :) thanks for ordering with me!

2 years ago
Kuromii Haikyuu nerdlord
Grepufurutsu (2 years ago) #14334869Yeah it's the same here in Italy, more or less.
Actually, I've made a few calculations and in the worst case scenario I'll save just a few euros (because of the second shipping) but I'll always prefer a GO anyway. Count me in, then!

Yay, great! I've put you down for a slot :) I hope you get accepted into the club soon!
2 years ago
Kuromii Haikyuu nerdlord
Grepufurutsu (2 years ago) #14334772I didn't get any response about the other GO so I'm surely interested.
I can't see the discussion, so I'm going to ask to join the club.
Anyway yes, I'd like to join. Just one thing: I'm from Italy, do you have any idea about shipping costs from England?

Excellent! Shipping from England to Italy is £5.60 without tracking or £10.15 with tracking. If you choose not to have it tracked then I will provide proof of postage so that you know I've definitely shipped her :)

Also, I'm sure you're already aware of this but GSC only ship using EMS, which means that the nendos will definitely get a customs charge. UK customs charges for EMS are £13.50 handling fee + 20% of the value of the parcel :( it's expensive, but definitely cheaper when split between two people or more!
2 years ago
Kuromii Haikyuu nerdlord
Hi, I saw your comment on the Miku Lion Dance nendoroid, and if you are still looking for somewhere to order her then perhaps you'd like to join my split? I'm in England and the split page is here: club/618/discus... please let me know if you want to join! ^^
2 years ago
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
4 years ago
Welcome to MFC !!!
Enjoy your stay with us! ^^
4 years ago
Welcome to MFC!! ^_^

Hope you enjoy your stay here~ :D
4 years ago