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229 days agoWanderingWastrelWanderingWastrel old coot
Well, thank you very much. Because of your artbook review (mfc link) not only did I order that artbook, but then I was led to your tumblr page where you put up lots and lots of pics of many books. So now, I'm ordering even more of them. Curse you, evil fiend! I hope you're happy!

(looks at user name again)

Oh, yeah. You are Happy. Well, fine then. Be that way.


Seriously, thanks for putting up pics of so many books. It's a heck of a lot easier to make purchase decisions when you can see more of the book, so you know what you're really getting. I appreciate that. My wallet doesn't, but I do.
11 month agoMaitserMaitser
Thx for accepting my FR, love your art book blogs ;)
19 months agoPasiatLSSJPasiatLSSJ
Happy Birthday ;)
19 months agoakarinakarin
Hello!~ Happy, Happy Birthday! May you be blessed with all the artbooks you wish for & have an extra special day today!~ <3
110 months agoGiname6Giname6
Love your collection! I collect art books too but haven't listed my books here yet ^^; you have inspired me to do so! Hahah

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