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All things Otaku, I like collect figures, draw, read, and watch anime.

I also have a youtube channel where I mostly unbox anime figures.

Check it out if you like:


I forgive you lol I ordered it from US seller so it should arrive in a few days. Exciting :)
26 days ago
Lmao so decided to rewatch your Hestia Sonico and after yes and no to order I actually ordered her xD look what your reviews do to me changing my mind about not buying something xD
29 days ago
I got cat Sonico from Right Stuff Anime for around $170 total so it was ok deal comparing to ebay prices or Solaris lol. You should preorder China dress Sonico, she got cool outfit, unique base and is just really adorable! I preordered version without bonus because I don’t care about stuff like that. My birthday is 18th May so it will be miracle to get shower Sonico xD Mine will be regular version.
1 month ago
Hi have you seen my collection pic xD picture/2411491...
If not here it is lol
I recently got white cat Sonico and just now cheerleader Sonico so she is not in this pic xD
Also have love bomber and China dress Sonico on preorder. Also my husband ordered shower head wet Sonico for my birthday but I doubt it will be on time xD
1 month ago
Yeah I sold jogging one, racing, Christmas and summer vacation Sonico but still have my other Sonico figures so is not so bad. Maybe one day will buy Christmas back since I miss her the most xD
3 months ago
Lmao so recently I was thinking about your room tour/collection video and I forgot to mention that I couldn’t see Christmas Sonico anywhere there xD do you still have it? I actually sold her because needed cash lol
3 months ago
gundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
Ok, so there you go. I haven't placed my order yet, but this will be one option I'd be looking to add on, so to speak.
4 months ago
gundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
Like you, I have Minase and pre-ordered Kuramoto. I haven’t pre-ordered Igawa yet - I’ve seen pics of the extra belly part but no reference on Native’s site. Have you found more info on that part? Curious as the part looks official but no pics on Native’s site so far...

Looking forward to your Minase pics. I’ll probably get to it down the line, but happy that they’re bigger than Figmas. That means they’ll match more with the 8” US size figures.
4 months ago
I received my summer Sonico and putting her on the base was quite a challenge. Sadly she slipped while I was doing it and I end up scratching base which left brown marks from sandals and scratched her legs from back leaving light marks (kill me ;-;) but overall she is beautiful figure!
4 months ago
Orchid Seed Sonico figures always turning so nicely! It will be my third Sonico from them. This is Sonico with body and castoff that this world needed!
4 months ago
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