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Hello!! And no worries, thanks a lot for your kind message! Always happy to meet more Fate fans.

Thank you, glad to hear that you like it! Though it definitely needs more Jeanne, haha.
And Nozomi is best girl!

I really like the Fate version of Siegfried, I might be a little bit biased because I have always been very interested in his legend and dragons in general.
13 days ago
Thank you^^
15 days ago
Thanks for the heads up about my page! I was meaning to change that as soon as I posted the new photo's of my collection, thanks to you bringing it up I will change it by the end of the day.

And YES, YES, that is sooooo unfair, I love Nero & Artoria but there are a lot of "LOVED" characters in the Fate franchise... I mean you know there is a problem when you can't even get a "good" 1/7 PVC of some of the original main characters ENTRY #4010 -- ENTRY #1773 & ENTRY #4343 ...

And My favorite Soul Calibur fighter is ENTRY #6498 and favorite Game is ENTRY #1334. XD

What about you?
17 days ago
Hello, and thank you very much for your compliment, fellow Fate fan! XD I need to take new Photo's of my Collection in my new glass detolf's and update my page soon.

That Nero GK is an original and was bought form Japan after the WF 2016 event.

Let me know if you do plan on going to get it done, as I will give tips on the process like cost/time it takes, and a lot of other helpful stuff! (;

PS: I see you like Soul Calibur! are you getting 6?
17 days ago
Hey no prob! Thanks for the likes and comments on my ShiRin pics these days! I always like to FR a fellow ShiRin fan! :)

I'm not sure I think of my collection as Xboxhueg, but I suppose over time it has gotten a little crazy :) I should take some more cross-over pics. My brain has been full at work and home to think of much beyond trying to get the occasional ShiRin pic done, but I should be taking advantage of it more! Good idea! Maybe this will help me get motivated! Thanks!
18 days ago
Oh, un fan de l'univers Fate et français ! Je voulais juste faire un petit coucou. Iskandar best character ever ♥
Au plaisir de, peut-être, discuter ensemble :)
7 months ago
Heldrik (10 months ago) #23903797Yeah, as they say, "better late than never".
As for the cake, nah, it was way too hot outside to bake a cake (and buying one didn't cross our minds), so we went to a small restaurant that makes franco-japanese. That as good, but damn, was that damp inside.

Hey, but that also sounds very good! :D I also always go out for dinner somewhere on my birthday! :)
10 months ago
Heldrik (10 months ago) #23770482Thanks, I didn't expect to get diabetes as a late birthday present.

You should know me enough by now that I am always late with responding to everything! :^)

How was your actual birthday? Had any nice diabetes cake? :)
10 months ago
10 months ago
Happy birthday to you!(*^o^*)
10 months ago
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