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Need to start selling
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Interested in your Envy figure for sale, sent a DM! :)
1 year ago
I'm so sorry! Didn't know that was a thing! I cleared out my inbox!
2 years ago
leitan can (not) advance
HieroPierrot7 years ago#2011809Dunno if you were actually interested in the Monster Hunter Felynes, but I do have some for grabs. Just a friendly lil' "let know".

thanks! unfortunately although there are certain MH figs including the cats i would be interested in, the one in your shop is (probably) not one of them ... if you have other ones not online yet let me know. otherwise good luck with the sale!
7 years ago
HieroPierrot7 years ago#1987101Haven't heard from you if the person bought it or not?
I'm going to be out of town comes Thurs (13th) early morning until Tues (18th) , and won't be able to check my mail / send payment if he hadn't bought Madara.

Hey very sorry for the late response (it's been an incredibly hectic week for me). Unfortunately the other person paid for the figure and so it's not available anymore. Hope you can get it somewhere else, and sorry again.
7 years ago
Yes, I'll be sure to let you know. I gave him 3 days to respond/gather funds.

HieroPierrot7 years ago#1969590Ah alright! Thanks for getting back to me.
Could you let me know if they do get it? Just so I'm not waiting to hear if they do.
7 years ago
HieroPierrot7 years ago#1967333Your inbox is full. So uh, hoping you check this? But just wanting to know about the Madara figure and if he is still available and how much shipping to USA - 94538 would be?

Hey there. Sorry for the late response. Another interested buyer has contacted me before you. I am giving him a few days to respond. I'll contact you if the deal with him falls through. Thanks.
7 years ago
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Hello !
Welcome to you (^__^)
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Best Goods from Japan


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