If you're selling anything Roronoa Zoro PM me!
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Hi, wanted to write you concerning Usada Yuu, but system says your Inbox is full
16 days ago
Hi, you hunting for an Yu Usada, i would Pm with you, but your box is full
23 days ago
Hello, I can't answer your last PM.
Your inbox is full.
1 month ago
Your Collection is AWESOME!!!
4 months ago
You can pm me now^^
4 months ago
Still getting an error, strange.... In the mean time If you want, you can try me by email maxdaling@gmail.com or reach out on Twitter @GameFaceMax :)
5 months ago
Weird, still won't let me send you a PM?
5 months ago
Your inbox is full ;)
5 months ago
Sure! Take your time, my friend!
5 months ago
Sounds good! :)
5 months ago
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