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would buy musashi udon
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I am a huge fan of Anime, Manga and Games (usually JRPG).

I started figure collecting on Oct 2019. My figure collecting journey is just beginning~ Looking forward to getting to know fellow figure collectors here! ^^

Figures I own that are not listed on MFC:
1. Vocaloid 4 Library Stardust (Myethos)
2. Raiden Mei (Myethos)
3. Alice in Wonderland Blue Ver. (Myethos)
4. Sakura Yae Chinese Dress Ver. (Apex)


Yeah, I don't think I will get on the Fate train at this point, I'll just finish the HF movies and call it done. I considered buying all the Oh My Goddess bunnies, but the poses are a bit bland. In the end, I only got Belldandy to go with a 'bunny shelf.' I'll take pics when she is 'eventually' released.
4 months ago
Thanks for the FR :) - You have a lot of Gochiusa figures! I'm jealous. I also like the anime and games of Type-Moon, but I'm scared of buying anything...so much Fate stuff is released all the time haha.
4 months ago
AnimeFigureFocus / Fifthdread
Awesome- Thanks a lot!

I see you have a nice collection! Love it.
4 months ago
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Official anime merchandise


Lots of Anime but favorites include: Fate Series, Kara no Kyoukai, Is the order a rabbit?, Granblue Fantasy, No game no life, High School DxD.
Love reading Manga. Again, I like lots of manga but favorites include: Tsukihime, Fairy Tail and Grand Blue.
Fate/Grand Order (FGO), Falcom games- Trails of Cold Steel, Tokyo Xanadu, YS
Sayuri, Leo Ieiri, SPYAIR, Fate & Kara no Kyoukai OST