IDBluverIDBluver Always have a good time :D


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022 hours agoBowmanBowman
IDBluver (8 days ago) #24625197That is not fun at all but had to be done XDXD
for me i really need a job and a place to move to, still living at home -.-
really wanna move ^^

Don't worry everything will fall into place! I started up bike riding myself on the weekends :)
08 days agoBowmanBowman
Hi! I haven't been on too much lately myself. :(

I am on the long grind of paying off Mortgage haha :)

Hope you're doing well! :)
03 months agoAcayshaAcaysha
Hey! I can't send a message :( your mail box is full, i'm interested in the tohka yatogami !!
01 year agoBowmanBowman
IDBluver (1 year ago) #6803689Sure do ^^
now i just want the surgery out of the way ;)

Yikes! Hope it goes well! :D
01 year agoBowmanBowman
IDBluver (1 year ago) #6727992Thanks and thx :D Really hope so because i have no space and money is going to my savings for a appartment in the future :)

Sounds like you got a good plan going! :)

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