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Hey so I started collecting recently, I started in October of 2016 and I'm glad I did! I'm an IT guy and avid anime fan, I've collected Blu-Rays for years and have a fairly large collection of ~600 or so Blu-Ray anime series! I also do a lot gaming on my PC and spend a lot of my free time watching anime!

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03 days ago (3 days ago)AlexhocAlexhoc
Thanks for accepting friend request, accidentally found your collection and i really liked it, so many figs i wish to be on my small shelf, but unable to get cause im late on the train of fig collecting (started spring 17). Also like your PC build, what games do you play on this beast? :)
07 months agoSprinkleSoopSprinkleSoop
Iamanerd (7 months ago) #18322906I liked your post from the "Your other half thinks of your collection" post! I agreed with it 100% haha, I'm a fairly new collector as well. I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do!

Thank you! Good luck to us new collectors and RIP wallets, haha! Everyone here (for the most part) seems very friendly, so it is a great community to be involved with. See you around sometime and happy collecting!
07 months agoRejean235Rejean235 Give her a weapon
Iamanerd (7 months ago) #18020119Stumbled upon your collection on here and wow it's amazing! I love how well planned out everything is with all your rooms! I just started collecting recently myself but have limited space until I purchase a house in the next year or two. Your collection is truly inspiring :)Thanks a lot. I live in the same appartment since years; moving my collection would be hell. I slowed down my purchases because I almost run out of available expansion space so I'm just filling the shelves now. A house would allow me to increase the my collection greatly but I prefer staying where I am because I can leave for long periods of time without having to worry about taking care of the place. I did own a house before moving here.
011 months agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Iamanerd! :)

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