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21 year old anime fanatic. Fell in love with it 12 years ago and it has been a very huge part of my life. Currently showing my boyfriend everything under the sun that I consider worth watching. I suppressed the figure collecting demon inside me for a very, very....VERY long time. But now I'm financially stable enough to afford it and well...time to start a collection! Madoka help me.

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015 days agoSolertiaSolertia
Ichigi (16 days ago) #25521440I looked in my inbox but it says I don't have anything. And I would've replied to your comment but I can't actually find it. I feel like MFC's communication is more complicated than it needs to be XD

Issue was on my end – my Outbox is full so my message was never sent! I’ll resend it :)
016 days agoSolertiaSolertia
Hi! I did get your message and I replied back, if you click your name/icon in the top right and go to “Manager” in the drop-down, your message inbox is there :)


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