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Came to express interest in the Binding Coconut, but after reading your page, that takes a backseat. I would like to express my sincerest condolences about the loss of your father. That can be incredibly hard, and I wish you nothing but the best! Add on to that contracting COVID, it must be tough. Hang in there! My prayers go out to you and your family!
2 months ago
Oooof I hope your all right buddy. You have been offline for 3 months. Best wishes to your health!
2 months ago
Riku_Dola2 months ago#96907266I'm trying to pm you about your Vanilla and chocola nendos If you could clear some inbox space that would be awesome

Did you read her profile??
2 months ago
Hihi! I’ve tried contacting you regarding your Celestia figure, but it appears your inbox is full. Please let me know if and when you can set something up, I will be ready to purchase at any time! Take care and I hope you have a speedy recovery. <3
2 months ago
Oobs キュン ~ ☆
Hi! I was wondering if you still had the Nekopara plush available for sale?
2 months ago
I'm very interested in your Coconut or Azuki Binding. Once you recovered and the shop is back online feel free to contact me back, i'll be waiting
3 months ago
Hey I'm very interested in your Celestia Ludenberg figure!
My email is teishaleigh1414@gmail.com
4 months ago
I apologise for the DM, didn’t see your notification on the profile until after I sent the DM
4 months ago
Please contact me! I have sent you several messages
5 months ago
A very helpful and kind seller! My figure arrived perfectly and I’m so thankful for how accommodating they were! Thank you so much!
6 months ago


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