IliceIlice (OAO) ...someone please stop me..


Hello everyone >:D
I'm not good with grammar thingy so please bear with me :P

Mainly collecting
Tiger & Bunny,
Busou Shinki,
Kamen Rider Blade, Kamen Rider series (Fourze, Kuuga),
Frame Arms (girls),
Fullmetal Alchemist,
Kagamine Len,
Adventure Time,
BJDs and Smartdoll (2016) ( ; w;)/
--mid 2016 started to buy Gunplas (operation V, attack on Jaburo, IBO, GBF)
--and probably more~

Busou Shinki-Eukrante type Siren's my first girl (December 2009)
I bought her through ads from FB //lol// - back then i knew nothing about her/figurines/busous shinki..

---Nendoroid & Figma (August~December 2010),
my first figma BRS OVA' given to me from a friend :')
then i started to complete her series~

---Adding SHF to my collection (2012) because of TnB (._.)
---I fell into BJDs few years ago (probably 2013? i cant remember)
---Got my first smartdoll from workshop in mirai store tokyo March,28th 2016,
too happy and forgot to take photos with Danny-san T.T) I got help from Danny-san and his wife during workshop :D so much fun!

---Started pre/ordering FAG and FA around April/May 2016
---Tried to complete SHF Kamen Rider Blade, since I got King few years ago, Ace and Jack form March 2016
---Started buying Gunplas in mid 2016

^I made this to keep track of my collection and all sorts of --
'I think I should remember this' stuff~ :'3

.... I tend to forget to add / drop or update it tho

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011 months agoa47ba47b
Ilice (11 months ago) #14545285hamuu > < salah baca komen //lari"~
kabutoo liat foto" rilakkuma dong :3
kaede juga ada yaaaa xD~

Boleh2 >w<)b
011 months agoYamadipatiYamadipati
011 months agoa47ba47b
Hehehe ada ai dsini jga :3
01 year agoZaken_salomoZaken_salomo
Ilice (1 year ago) #6185412happy birthday! xDDD

Thank youuuuu~ ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

also thanks to remind me about my b'day, cause i'm actually forget about it lol XDD
04 years agoCesyaCesya
thx 4 FR

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