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016 days ago (16 days ago)SpiffySpiffy
Hi, please clear your inbox so I can send you the first invoice for the FGO Charatoria and let me know when you have cleared it, thanks!
01 year agoyuu12rikuyuu12riku
Hi, please clear your inbox, thanks! Do let me know so I can send second invoice of Idolish7 Stand Keyholder to you.
01 year agoxMikixMiki
Hi! Would like to send you your second invoice for the Enstars Kotobukiya Straps split however your inbox is full. Do let me know when you have cleared it :)
01 year agopantherlilyypantherlilyy
Hi! I need to send you an invoice for this split: (mfc link) but your inbox is full ><
Please kindly let me know when you have cleared it! Thank you :)
01 year agoPsy00xPsy00x
Hi, just wanted to say that I've shipped out your package. Your inbox is full, but if you'd like your tracking number please let me know and I'll PM it to you.

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