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Nice to meet you! My name is Irazir and I’m a university student from the Netherlands. I started watching anime in June 2006 and reading manga somewhere in 2008. Most of my middle and high school years were spent obsessing over whatever series aired at the time and going to conventions. Once I started going to university I also started walking the path of a true collector, meaning selling my soul to merchandise every month OTL

My first anime was Chobits. After that Naruto stole my heart for a while until Full Moon o Sagashite ran off with it. There are quite a few series that I’ve become a fan of in the meanwhile, but nowadays I’m mostly into Mairimashita! Iruma-kun, Hamefura, Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, Honzoku no Gekokujou, IDOLiSH7, Boku no Hero Academia, Yuri on ICE!!!, and Touken Ranbu, along with what I watch every season

I'm also super into seiyuu! My favorites male seiyuu are Sakurai Takahiro and Kakikhara Tetsuya, favorite female seiyuu are Noto Mamiko and Hayami Saori. I also absolutely adore Okamoto Nobuhiko, Tsuda Kenjirou, Yasumoto Hiroki, Ono Kensho, Inoue Marina, and lots more! If you ever want to talk about seiyuu with me, please do! >w<


Import from Japan


Mairuma, Hamefura, Tensura, Honzuki, i7, YOI, BNHA, Magi, NatsuYuu, Skip Beat!, Maid Dragon, and seasonals
Beware the Villainess, Who Made Me a Princess, other reijou isekai, and The Beginning After the End
Genshin Impact, Touken Ranbu, DRAMAtical Murder, Love Nikki
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Long silver/white/light blue hair, ponytails, red/golden eyes, heterochromia iridis (not iridum), fang-tans, pointy ears, crossdressing, gap moe, blushing. And being voiced by one of my favorite seiyuu ❤
Pop, (alternative) rock, classical, heavy metal, folk, jazz, techno. Honestly as long as it’s not hardstyle I pretty much like everything. Also very into anime soundtracks and seiyuu music

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